‘Big Bang Theory’s Bittersweet Finale: How Is Kaley Cuoco Dealing With the Show Ending?

The Big Bang Theory launched its first episode in 2007 and has kept its audience enthralled with the stories of four loveable nerds and their love lives, or lack thereof.

The Big Bang Theory is like Friends, but with a dash of sophisticated theoretical physics jokes and characters who are so overbearingly quirky (Sheldon Cooper) that they’ve inspired spin-off sitcoms.

Even brilliant scientists like the late Stephen Hawking toasted the show and credited its writers for their authentic science jokes. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Many fans are curious as to what will happen to the cast of the show because the cast is as unique as the roles onscreen. Memorably, cast members offered to take cuts in their pay until all the original co-stars were paid the same salaries by the network.

Lately, the cast has sparked news with how they are coping with moving on from the show after 12 years. 

Kaley Cuoco steals the show

The Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco as Penny | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

One audience favorite is Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco) because although not considered as book smart as her scientist friends, she demonstrates common sense and has a better sense of social skills.

Throughout the series, Penny transforms from a lethargic Cheesecake Factory waitress to the classy, married Mrs. Hofstadter. Penny gets her share of ditzy lines, which is a testament to the beauty of actress Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco’s first shot at fame was in the movie Virtuosity (1995) with Russell Crowe. She continued to pick up small roles, including a role as a new Marcia Brady. However, she first made waves on two seasons of 8 Simple Rules until John Ritter passed away. It would be Cuoco’s most notable role, so the loss of the John Ritter and the show impacted her.

Again, she must cope with the curtain closing on a beloved show due to elements beyond her control. 

Cuoco’s heartbreaking reaction to the final episodes

When Kaley Cuoco was told the show was coming to an end she confessed in an Extra interview, “I cried for about a week straight.”

As with any profession, the loss of a job (not to mention where one is netting millions) can cause shock. Cuoco reported that she fell into “a little bit of depression.”

Cuoco is certainly deeper than her character on the show and shared insight about the end of the show. She likened getting news of a show’s ending to suffering “a weird emotional death.”

She also mentioned that it reminded her of how other, greater forces in life influence our trajectory. Instead of grieving the show, Cuoco plans to memorialize it and continue her love offscreen as a newlywed. 

Kaley Cuoco plans on keeping plenty of photos to preserve and frame this period of her life. Cuoco also mentioned documenting the end of the show in her social media by constantly taking photos.

In addition to her social media snaps, she has taken 2,000 Polaroids since the pilot episode. These pictures document life on set, behind the scenes, and special moments. One day, she hopes to release these images in a book.

In addition to preserving the set, her fellow co-stars, and crew in photographs, Cuoco is planning on keeping a memento from the show.

Kaley Cuoco plans on keeping the work of art that hung on the door outside the apartment where characters Sheldon Cooper and Leonard and Penny Hofstadter resided. The painting is actually a print of Eric Joyner’s “Final Blow.” It is a simple poster featuring block wrestlers. The print fits with the aesthetic of the show: cartoon memorabilia and boyish regalia. 

Her plan for the future: Keeping busy

In life post-Big Bang, Cuoco will continue her newlywed life with her new husband, Karl Cook, the son of a billionaire and professional equestrian. They plan on traveling and horseback riding, a hobby they both share. In fact, the two were married in a barn with their respective horses in attendance.

After the Big Bang break, she will dive back into her next project, The Flight Attendant, a miniseries. With her life in the fast lane, Cuoco will rebound quickly from the end of the series, and branch out career-wise and within her relationship.