‘Big Brother 21’ Christie Murphy Discussed ‘Swearing On Her Sister’ and More With Julie Chen Moonves

Christie Murphy, a casualty of the Double Eviction, became the sixth member to join the Jury House. Because she swore on her sister and the Bible and then lied, constantly cried, chewed in a very unappealing way, and other reasons, Christie was not well-liked among viewers.

Therefore, fans and former Houseguests, including Isabella Wang, Sam Smith, and Kemi Faknule celebrated her eviction on their social media profiles. However, Live Feed watchers are going to miss the drama she always brought.

Nonetheless, Christie sat down with host Julie Chen Moonves for her eviction interview where she discussed “swearing on her sister” and her loyalties in the house. Because it was a Double Eviction and the Houseguests didn’t know it was coming, the boutique owner did not receive any goodbye messages. Does Christie even have a sister? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy sister
Christie Murphy | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Christie Murphy evicted from the ‘Big Brother 21’ house

Nicole won Head of Household during the Double Eviction and, as a close ally of Jackson and Holly’s, nominated the other duo, Tommy and Christie for eviction. She had a chance to save herself in the iconic What the Bleep? Veto Competition, but fell short by one point to Cliff.

As Nicole’s number one partner in the game, the petroleum engineer kept the nominations the same. Jackson, Holly, and Cliff then cast the votes to send the boutique owner to Jury.

Christie Murphy’s downfall and loyalties in ‘Big Brother 21’

When Moonves asked Christie where she felt like she went wrong in the game, the boutique owner admitted she was too blunt at times and had a hard time using a filter.

In the house, when everyone wondered how America perceived them, Christie admitted she thought America didn’t like her because of her bluntness. Additionally, Moonves asked if Christie’s number one was Tommy because she was also close to Analyse and Jack.

The boutique owner claimed she still would have chosen her childhood friend over any of the other Houseguests any day. She called him an angel and said he kept her sane during the game.

Christie Murphy’s discusses lying and ‘swearing on her sister’

Similar to several former Houseguests including BB19 winner Josh Martinez and BB17 power player Vanessa Russo, Christie often cried in the house.

Moonves asked her if the tears were “manufactured,” and the boutique owner denied it. She said she attempted to cry when Analyse went to Jury, but couldn’t squeeze out any tears. Additionally, Christie claimed her overly emotional state surprised her but blamed it on her monthly menstrual cycle.

Viewers also realized how often Christie would swear on the Bible and her sister, and then frequently break those promises. Christie confirmed she does have a sister but couldn’t remember a time when she lied after swearing on her.

Out of several different examples, Moonves used the most recent situation when she swore on her sister and the Bible that she would not nominate Jackson and Holly or come after them. The boutique owner clarified she made the deal for that week; even though she never brought that up while swearing.

She also said she was caught off guard when Jackson asked her to deliver on her end of the deal because she didn’t realize it would be that soon.

However, after Moonves gave her another example, Christie admitted she lied after swearing on her sister to Jessica that there was no six-person alliance. To see Christie’s reunion with her former Houseguests in the Jury House, watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.