‘Big Brother 21’: How Cliff and Nicole Ruined Their Game By Keeping This Houseguest

After Nicole’s record-breaking BB Comics Veto performance, Holly and Tommy were left on the block. Already having a Final Four deal with the showmance, the decision for Cliff and Nicole seemed like a no-brainer.

However, Tommy offered them a deal too good to turn down, and when Cliff and Nicole began entertaining it, Jackson took to drastic measures to save his girlfriend.

The duo finally made their decision and sent another Houseguest to Jury. Who did they vote to evict, and why could it have ruined their game? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Cliff Nicole chances
Cliff Hogg with Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony and Kathryn Dunn | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 21’ Cliff and Nicole sent Tommy to Jury

Jackson eavesdropped on a conversation where Tommy pitched to Cliff and Nicole that he would throw the HOH to either of them, gun for the veto, and then team up with them to evict the server.

After thinking about how he could use the intel to paint Tommy as the bigger target, Jackson then approached Cliff and Nicole and said the Broadway dancer only told them those things so he and Tommy could secretly work together.

Then, the new duo would team up to evict Cliff and bring Nicole to the Final Three because she’s easy to beat. Wanting to call a House Meeting to verify the facts, Jackson convinced Nicole to wait until morning to do so, which she shouldn’t have agreed to because it gave Jackson more time to prepare.

Nonetheless, they finally had the House Meeting the following day, which resulted in a massive fight between Tommy and Jackson that Live Feeders couldn’t see. Ultimately, Cliff and Nicole believed Jackson over Tommy and chose to evict the Broadway dancer.

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ BB Stunt Camp HOH competition?

In one of the fastest endurance HOH competitions ever, the contestants had to stand on discs and hold on to ropes while spinning and hitting obstacles. Because it ended so quickly, viewers didn’t get to watch everything play out, but Nicole was the last one standing, making her the new Head of Household.

Why Cliff and Nicole possibly made the wrong decision

After the competition ended, Holly confirmed she threw the HOH to Nicole. Therefore, Nicole will nominate Jackson and Holly for eviction. If Jackson or Holly save themselves with the Power of Veto, then Cliff will automatically go up as a replacement nominee.

Then, Jackson or Holly would have the sole vote to evict, and of course, they will keep each other, even though Jackson promised he would take Cliff and Nicole to the Final Three, evicting the petroleum engineer on Nicole’s HOH. Cliff and Nicole decided to evict Tommy because they were afraid of the number of Jury votes he could have.

Additionally, they couldn’t tell if he was lying during the House Meeting because, first of all, he’s an actor, and second of all, he lied for 80 days about not knowing Christie previously. And, Tommy is a solid competitor and had been studying faces for the upcoming Face Morph competition, so there is a real possibility he would end up in the Final Two had they kept him.

However, keeping a showmance, who has won a total of nine competitions, all but guarantees Cliff and Nicole third and fourth place. If they kept Tommy, there was a 25% higher chance that both would have been in the final two. If not, Cliff or Nicole would both possibly win over Tommy because they made more game moves than him.

However, Holly could win over Cliff and Nicole, and Jackson will most likely win regardless of who is sitting next to him. Only the Power of Veto competition matters; who will win? Watch Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.