‘Big Brother 21’ Day 59 Live Feeds Spoilers: Who Did the HoH Nominate and How Did They React?

After the Six Shooters blew up over ten days ago, Michie and Holly have alienated themselves from everyone else. Holly’s former best friend in the house, Analyse, is now very close with Christie who has had a Final Two with Tommy since Day 1.

Last week, Tommy tore apart the four-person alliance, Cliff’s Angels, by nominating Kathryn and winning the Power of Veto to guarantee her eviction. On the last time the Big Brother cameras captured the houseguests, they were competing for the next Head of Household.

Keep reading to learn more about Day 59, including who the HoH nominated, their reactions, and a possible Final Three that formed.

Big Brother 21 Day 59
Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony, and Kemi Faknule. L-R back row: Kathryn Dunn, Ovi Kabir, Holly Alexander, Jack Matthews | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Michie nominated Analyse and Christie on ‘Big Brother 21’ Day 59

After nominations and everyone gave each other fake hugs, Analyse and Christie retreated to their RV room where they pretended not to care. Christie claimed she’s not going to get upset because she understands it’s a game move. However, she admitted she is tired of Head of Household Michie’s fake interactions with her.

On the other hand, Analyse began crying because he nominated her next to her best friend in the house. After they both “manifested” themselves winning the Power of Veto, they asked America on the Live Feed cameras to send them a power.

Analyse wants to save Christie on ‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feeds Day 59

First, Holly entered their room and promised the nominees she had no idea that Michie would put them on the block. She and Christie left after a few minutes, leaving Tommy and Analyse in the room. The soccer star asked Tommy to win the veto and use the power on Christie because she believes she would have the votes to stay in the house.

However, Tommy explained to her that Michie already promised him safety, so they should have Nick win and take Christie off. After the boutique owner came back into the room, the conversation turned to frustration towards Holly and Michie, because Analyse felt like Holly, her former best friend, lied to her.

She also felt blindsided by Michie and thought he trusted her, so couldn’t understand why he would nominate her. Tommy and Christie immediately calmed the soccer star down and explained she had to pretend like everything was okay so that she wouldn’t become a target.

Christie tried to paint Michie’s true character to Tommy, saying the server pretended to want to work with them last week when he knew he was an outsider. However, when he won Head of Household, the first thing he did was nominate them.

Because Tommy and Michie have their own understanding, he doesn’t see Michie in that light regardless of what Christie says.

Nicole talked to America about Nick and Cliff on ‘Big Brother 21’ Day 59

The Long Island native first sounded off about a comment Nick made, where he told her he was “tired of carrying her.” She didn’t understand what he meant because last week when Jessica won Head of Household, she told her not to nominate Nick.

Therefore, if he did tell Michie not to put her on the block, then he was “repaying a favor,” not carrying her. She also pointed out that Nick still owed her for backdooring her when he was Head of Household. A little later in the evening, Nicole also described Cliff’s kind character to the Live Feed viewers because he told Michie to give her a break.

Christie, Jessica, and Analyse possibly made Final Three pact

Jessica entered the RV to go to bed, and Christie told her about a conversation she and Analyse had with Michie and Holly on Day 58. The couple claimed Jessica stumbled in the Head of Household room like she was drunk, and stared at them in their sleep.

They also said they caught Jessica staring in space, again like she was under the influence of something. Jessica then told the two nominees about Nicole getting upset over a comment Kathryn made. According to Nicole, a preschool aide, before Kat left the house, she said she felt sorry for the kids Nicole teaches.

Christie and Analyse were in several alliances that didn’t include Jessica, and only a few days ago created another group to get evict her, Michie, and Holly. Yet, she still wants to work with them. In fact, the plus-sized model told them she would vote out a pawn over either of them.

The three also seemingly made a Final Three before lights out at around 12:30 A.M. PST. Watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 P.M. EST on CBS!