‘Big Brother 21’ Day 60 Recap Spoiler: Veto Competition Winner and BaywatchGate

Previously on Big Brother, Tommy won Head of Household and had his target set on Kathryn believing she and Holly knew each other outside the house. Michie and Holly have since distanced themselves from everyone else, while Tommy has worked relentlessly to get the five working together again.

After a blowup in the middle of the night before Kat went home between Analyse and Holly, the lines in the sand have been drawn and the new Head of Household nominated two former Six Shooters. Who won the Veto Competition, what is BaywatchGate, and what else happened on Day 60? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Day 60
Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, Ovi Kabir, Analyse Talvera, David, Alexander; L-R second row: Kathryn Dunn, Cliff Hogg, Sam Smith, Jackson Michie, Holly Alexander, Jack Matthews, Tommy Bracco, Kemi Fakunle, Nick Macaroni, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 21’ Day 60: Before the Veto Competition

After they picked for the veto, nominees Christie and Analyse began questioning Nick because they didn’t understand why he wasn’t nominated. The therapist claimed he got close to Nicole and Cliff after Gr8ful alienated him, and has always maintained a good relationship with Head of Household Michie.

Nick also promised he would take Cliff out if the numbers were there, and told Christie he would use the Power of Veto on Analyse if he won. The stress of being on the block began to get to the soccer star, and she started to cry because she realized her best friend in the house was most likely going home.

Analyse then stated that she wouldn’t work with Michie or Holly moving forward. While the girls were freaking out in the RV room, Cliff was talking to himself trying to figure out why Michie didn’t nominate Tommy. Because Michie cannot compete in the next HoH competition, Cliff believes he made a deal with Tommy in exchange for safety next week.

However, this means Cliff or Nicole could get nominated, and the other houseguests would take the opportunity to evict the engineer from the game. Therefore, Cliff concluded that he’s at the point where he must start winning every HoH and/or Veto competition to guarantee his safety.

Nonetheless, Cliff decided to ask Michie if he and Tommy had a deal, to which the server denied. Michie explained he didn’t nominate the Broadway dancer because he wasn’t nominated the week prior. Additionally, Michie told Cliff that if the Power of Veto is used, he would put Tommy on the block because that’s the only way to guarantee Christie goes home.

Meanwhile, Christie broke down in the shower to Tommy, hurt by everyone’s fakeness. She claimed she was ready to leave, but the Broadway dancer reminded her she could always look at him and see home.

Week 8 Veto Competition Winner

At around 9 a.m. PST, the houseguests gathered to draw tokens for the veto competition. Analyse unfortunately drew Holly’s chip and Christie chose Nick. The current Head of Household, Michie, drew Cliff’s chip and picked Tommy to host.

The veto competition was a variation of “Balance Things Off The Ground,” where the houseguests must juggle a set of objects without touching the ground. Following previous winners BB15 Jeremy and BB16 Devin, Michie took this competition home, guaranteeing his nominations stay the same.

He also continued the current three-week streak of Head of Households winning their Veto Competitions.

BaywatchGate and reactions after the Veto Competition

After they returned, Tommy, still donning his Baywatch swimsuit, picked up Nicole and ran around with her, with Holly watching and laughing. Christie got upset, and complained to Analyse that they were “running around the house, ripping their clothes off, laughing and smiling, and everything’s so funny.”

Tommy entered the RV, and Christie left, so he apologized to Analyse for “being insensitive.” He later comforted the boutique owner who was crying and she admitted she “felt like a fool” after entering the house with a friend, who later aligned with people who want to evict her.

Nick talked to Michie in the Head of Household room and admitted he didn’t want to win the veto. Holly also told him she wanted Analyse out of the house, but wants either Cliff or Nicole to take the shot. Then, Tommy talked to the couple, and Holly said she wanted to have a conversation with Analyse and Christie.

She believes they shouldn’t be mad at her because she had nothing to do with the nominations. However, Tommy revealed they were upset because they felt blindsided. Michie and Analyse finally had their talk around 11 p.m., and he explained he nominated her because he wanted to make sure Christie went home.

However, the soccer star felt like Michie should have warned her because she thought they were on good terms. The server reiterated that he does want to continue working with her and Tommy moving forward, but has to evict Christie because he doesn’t trust her.

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