‘Big Brother 21’ Day 61 Live Feed Spoiler: Christie and Analyse Campaign

Before Kathryn went home, Nick put together a six-member army consisting of himself, Tommy, Christie, Analyse, Cliff, and Nicole with the intent of taking out the last showmance, Michie and Holly.

However, Michie ended up winning the Head of Household, and find out out about the alliance. Therefore, he decided to draw a line in the sand by nominating former alliance members Christie and Analyse.

He wants Christie evicted because he believes she poses the highest threat to his game, and Analyse is merely a pawn to guarantee she leaves. Analyse, betrayed and blindsided by her former best friend and Michie’s girlfriend, Holly, is furious.

However, on Big Brother 21 Day 61, the soccer star and Holly finally make amends. Also, Christie campaigned to Michie to stay in the house. Who did she throw under the bus in her speech? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Day 61 Christie
Houseguest Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton

Tommy and Nick regret the six-member alliance

The two talked in the RV room discussing their potential targets or threats. Tommy was annoyed with Michie because he considered nominating him if Christie or Analyse won the Veto.

On the other hand, Nick thought Nicole would put him on the block if she won the next HoH competition because she doesn’t have anyone else to nominate. Tommy then told Nick he regretted making the six-person alliance because it wasn’t necessary.

However, Nick thought they needed it so Nicole wouldn’t flip and keep Kat. They both agreed they wanted to take Nicole far in the competition and desired to work with Cliff.

‘Big Brother 21’ Analyse and Christie finally talk to Holly on Day 61

After avoiding each other for a couple of days after the nominations, Analyse and Holly finally sat down with each other face to face. Analyse mainly campaigned to figure out a way where they could keep Christie and get the ‘five’ back together.

She began by telling Holly that Nick created the six-person alliance to target them. The soccer star also claimed she and Tommy had bad dreams about Nick, and wanted her to ask Michie to use the Veto and nominate the therapist as a replacement.

While Holly agreed that Nick does know how to use his words to flip situations, she did not give Analyse a definite answer as into what Michie would do. Christie also talked to Holly and acknowledged she and Michie are playing different games.

‘Big Brother 21’ Christie campaigned to Michie

At around 1 a.m., Christie pitched her campaign to Michie to get the gang back together. She started by throwing Nick under the bus, claiming he had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand.

The boutique owner then moved on to Cliff and said he’s one of the best dealmakers, with Michie agreeing and comparing the petroleum engineer to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Finally, Christie settled on Jessica and told him she’s going around saying he has a final three with Tommy and Nick.


This latest bit of news riled Michie up as he claimed he only had a final two with Jack, and no one else. After Michie realized Jessica also threw Holly under the bus earlier, they both realized Jessica was saying things to people to stir up some division between the girls.

Christie ended her speech with if he used the veto on her or Analyse and nominated Jess, Nick, or Cliff, he would have legitimate reasons. She also offered her allegiance to Michie, explaining she would build an army to protect all the people coming after them and would even be a pawn for them.

The Head of Household then ended the conversation by stating how much more he respected her now as opposed to the beginning of the game.

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