‘Big Brother 21’ Day 64 Live Feed Spoiler: A New Final Four Emerged

Jackson and Holly alienated themselves from the members of the now-defunct Six Shooters, and have spent the majority of their time this week in the Head of Household room. Jackson, already thinking about next week, knows he cannot compete.

Therefore, he must find a way to protect himself and Holly. On Big Brother 21 Day 64, Cliff approached Jackson with an offer too good to pass up. Keep reading this Big Brother 21 spoiler to find out what happened.

Big Brother 21 Day 64 Spoiler
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Nicole tried to separate herself from Nick

After hearing Christie tell Tommy about her potential five-person alliance consisting of the boutique owner, Tommy, Holly, Jackson, and Jessica, Nicole told Nick she’s scared the group doesn’t include her.

She then talked to Christie and reiterated that she is not “glued” to Nick, contrary to what everyone believes. Nicole explained she’s close with several other houseguests, and comforted him after the fight because it’s in her nature.

Nicole then went up to the Head of Household room and told them her targets are different from Nick’s. The preschool aide also said she doesn’t know what’s going on with the Tommy, Nick, and Analyse situation but wants to be excluded and viewed as an individual player.


However, Jackson called Nicole, “wishy-washy.” He said Nick and Bella betrayed her, yet she remained loyal to Nick, was saved by the Six Shooters, and currently works with Cliff. Additionally, the server believes Nicole voted Kat out because Nick told her to.

But, the preschool aide affirmed she voted to evict her friend for her game, not Nick’s. Therefore, Jackson said this was her week to make a stand and vote differently from the therapist.

Jackson talked to Nick and Cliff

The server went to the Target Bedroom to speak with Nick about his targets. Nick said if he had to nominate Jackson or Holly that he would choose the latter because he has a better relationship with the current HoH.

Nick also promised he would put him on the block straightforward and not backdoor him, allowing the server to save himself in a Veto Competition. Finally, Jackson asked if he would continue to target Christie if she were to stay in the house.


He didn’t answer but instead asked Jackson if the boutique owner was staying. Jackson responded that he hadn’t decided whose favor he would break the tie in if it came to that. Afterward, Cliff talked to Jackson about including Nicole in their protection deal.

He also suggested the duos team up and create a Final Four, so she feels safe and protected moving forward without Nick. Jackson, already wanting to work with Cliff, said they would all talk in the Head of Household room later.

The new ‘Big Brother 21’ Final Four gather

Cliff and Nicole entered the HoH room to talk game with Jackson and Holly. The server began by filling everyone in on his conversation with Nick. He also brought up the possibility that Nicole could be nominated with Nick and assured the preschool aide he would not vote against her.

The petroleum engineer clarified to the group that he did not want to sacrifice Nicole’s game to get ahead. Cliff also proposed a plan of Christie nominating Jessica as a pawn instead of Nicole if she won HoH.

However, Nicole is worried about the boutique owner’s potential five-person alliance and choosing Jessica to come to the Final Five instead of her. The others answered saying they didn’t know Christie’s plans, and all four shook on their new alliance.

A few hours later, Nicole snuggled up in the Boat Room and talked to the Live Feed viewers about her plans and the craziness going on in the house. She also admitted she didn’t think she could nominate Nick.

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