‘Big Brother 21’ Day 64 Live Feed Spoiler: Analyse Campaigned To Stay In the House

Jackson drew a line in the sand by nominating his former alliance members, Christie and Analyse, for eviction. He has made it clear that the boutique owner is his target, and Analyse is a back-up plan.

After Jackson also won the Power of Veto and chose not to save either nominee, it seemed as Christie’s fate was already sealed. Because she promised not to campaign against her best friend in the house, Christie had to rely on exposing Nick’s impeccable gameplay as her last attempt.

After the blow-out, Analyse wanted to figure out if the house had flipped and would keep Christie instead. How did her campaign go? Keep reading this Big Brother 21 Day 64 live feed spoiler to find out.

Big Brother 21 Analyse
Christy Murphy and Analyse Talvera | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Analyse first talked to Cliff on ‘Big Brother 21’ Day 64

Before Analyse began campaigning, she spoke to Holly in the Head of Household room, scared the house would flip and keep Christie. After thinking of her points, Analyse grabbed Cliff first to pitch her reasons why they should save her instead.

She warned the petroleum engineer that if Christie stayed, she would go after Nick and have to nominate petroleum engineer or Nicole as a pawn. Analyse also clarified that she never made any deals with Nick and would be open to taking him out because she doesn’t think she can go far in the competition with him.

Analyse ended her speech by saying she didn’t want to leave without winning anything. Therefore, if she wins Head of Household, Cliff is safe. The petroleum engineer heard her out but didn’t tell her which way he would cast his vote.

Analyse campaigned to Jackson

When Analyse sat down with Jackson in the Head of Household room, he pointed out that Christie’s argument against Nick was valid. However, the boutique owner didn’t present any new points the houseguests didn’t already know.

He was also honest with her and told her that her closeness with Nick would be a huge concern for him if he were voting. She tried to assure him that she never solidified anything with Nick and would take a shot at him.

Analyse then left the room, and had a quick talk with Tommy who told her he already promised Christie his vote. Back in the HoH room, Holly and Jackson both agreed that they didn’t believe the soccer star would ever vote against Nick.

Analyse and Nicole had a conversation on ‘Big Brother 21’ Day 64

Lastly, Analyse talked to Nicole, and the preschool aide admitted she wished Nick would stop continually bringing up their names to everyone. She feels that by him doing that, everyone in the house believes they’re closely aligned with him, which could paint a bigger target on their backs.

Analyse also brought up that Nicole could be hanging on for dear life if Nick won a Veto Competition and she was nominated as a replacement. The soccer star closed out the conversation by telling the preschool aide that she felt like they had always been on the same page.

Nicole agreed and admitted she respected Analyse much more after they spoke. Even though Analyse and Nicole have a civil friendship, the soccer star wished she would have talked game with the preschool aide earlier.

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