‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Who Won the Endurance Head of Household Competition?

Previously in Big Brother 21, Holly won Head of Household and kicked off Prank Week. As part of the twist, America voted for a Prankster who would prank Holly’s HoH duties by choosing one of her nominations. Holly chose Nick, and America’s Prankster (also Nick) picked Christie.

He chose the boutique owner to sit next to on the block because he thought he had Nicole, Tommy, and Cliff’s vote to stay over her. However, Tommy told him he already promised his vote to Christie, and Nicole and Cliff are aligned with the Head of Household, who wants him out.

Even though Nick gave excellent pitches to stay in the house, the other Houseguests knew how big of a threat he was and wanted to appease Holly. Therefore, the contestants chose to evict the therapist in a unanimous vote. After the Live Eviction, they began their next Head of Household competition.

Who won? Keep reading to find out.

Endurance Head of Household
Host Julie Chen Moonves | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ endurance Head of Household competition?

In Hold On Fright, the contestants had to hold on to the boarded windows of a haunted house. The last person on the wall won this week’s HoH competition. While they hung on, “ghosts” came and hit the contestants square in the chest and smoke came out from behind them to distract them.

Jessica was the first to fall, with Cliff and Christie falling close behind her. Then, Nicole, who desperately wanted her first competition win, lost her grip, leaving Tommy and Jackson to fight for the title. The Broadway dancer began visibly struggling to hold on and eventually fell.

Jackson has now won two back-to-back Veto Competitions and two HoH titles. Additionally, he’s in a showmance with Holly, who is coming off her second Head of Household reign, keeping them in power and controlling the house for another week.

Who will ‘Big Brother 21’ Jackson most likely evict?

Even though Jackson made a deal to work with Christie during his Head of Household reign, he still doesn’t trust her and considered keeping Nick over her. Also, she told Cliff, who is in a Final Four alliance with Nicole, Jackson, and Holly, that the server was her target.

Christie also informed Jessica that she would only target guys if she won HoH and because she is so closely aligned with Tommy, that leaves Cliff and Jackson. Additionally, Jackson has been vocal about not being able to beat Christie if they were in the Final Two together, so she should definitely be on his list this week.

Almost immediately after the competition, Jackson said he wanted to nominate Christie and Jess with the plus-sized model as his intended target. The server said he is thinking forward to next week when he cannot compete and is nervous about how he and Holly will perform in the future mental competitions.

Jessica is a massive mental threat and has said she would nominate guys if she won HoH. Therefore, Jackson would rather compete against Christie in those competitions rather than Jess, and get her out sooner than later. He then told Christie his plan as she showered.

The boutique owner looked very uncomfortable with the proposal as she has been on the block for three weeks straight. However, Jackson guaranteed her safety and wants to create the illusion that they are not working together anymore.

Who will Jackson nominate? Watch Big Brother Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.