‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 32: Which Five Houseguests Survived the Double Eviction?

In Big Brother 21 Episode 32, host Julie Chen Moonves announced this is the night viewers have been waiting for: double eviction. For double eviction, the Houseguests play an entire week of competitions in one night.

It started with either Jessica or Cliff joining the Jury, followed by a Head of Household competition, Power of Veto, and finally another eviction. How did everything go down? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 double eviction
Cliff Hogg with Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony and Kathryn Dunn | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Who was the first casualty of the double eviction?

To those who watch the Live Feeds this came as no surprise, but the house unanimously voted to evict Jessica. She was Jackson’s target from the beginning because he wanted to get rid of the “stragglers” and set it up where Cliff and Nicole and are gunning for Tommy and Christie and vice versa, while he and Holly skate to the end.

Christie realized this and attempted to flip the votes at the last second, but there was no way that Nicole would send her “day one,” Cliff, to the Jury House. Therefore, all the voting Houseguests told the plus-sized model that they couldn’t keep her before the Live Evictions.

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ HoH competition?

For the Head of Household competition, Thin Ice, the Houseguests had to complete an ice rink puzzle, and then shoot a puck across the puzzle into a net. Everyone seemed to be tied at first until Nicole clearly pulled ahead. She kept the lead and was the first to finish her puzzle, with Cliff and Tommy both hot on her heels.

However, the preschool aide banked the puck in before they could even try, winning her first competition. Because it’s a double eviction, she only had a few seconds to think about who she wanted to nominate, although she had a pretty clear idea already.

Cliff talked to her first and assured her that he would support any decision she made. Next, Christie came in, and Nicole was honest and said the boutique owner could be on the block. Even though she looked extremely shocked, Christie took it well and left the room.

Nicole also spoke with Jackson and Holly before making her decision during the commercial break. She ended up nominating Christie and Tommy for eviction because she said it was best for her game.

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ What the Bleep Competition?

The Houseguests played the BB classic game, What the Bleep, for their Veto Competition. In this game, they are shown seven clips of former contestants talking, and they have to guess a bleeped-out word correctly.

While Moonves explained the directions, Christie shed a few tears as she realized this was her last chance to stay in the game. Everyone did well until the fourth question where Tommy and Jackson got it wrong.

Then, Christie and Cliff were tied with six points each. However, Christie changed her answer at the last second on the next question, and Cliff pulled out the win.

Who was the second person voted out in the double eviction?

Staying true to his number one ally Nicole, Cliff chose not to save either Christie or Tommy with the Power of Veto. Jackson, the happiest viewers have seen him in the house so far, enthusiastically voted to evict Chrisite.

Holly and Cliff followed suit, not nearly as excited, and Christie ended up as the fifth Houseguest to join the Jury. Therefore, Jackson, Holly, Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy make up the Final Five. Who will get evicted next? Watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.