‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 33: Who Is the New HOH and Who Did They Nominate After the Double Eviction?

In Big Brother 21 Episode 33, viewers watched the drama they didn’t get to see during the chaotic double eviction. Additionally, Nicole showed off her HOH basket and read the touching letter her mother wrote. Finally, Big Brother 20 engaged couple Swaggy C and Bayleigh returned to crown the new Head of Household. Who won, and who did they nominate? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Episode 33
Host Julie Chen Moonves | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Drama during ‘Big Brother 21’ double eviction night

Because double eviction night happens so quickly and CBS still has to fit commercials in, viewers miss out on some of the conversations that happen. Before the new Head of Household competition, flashback footage aired of Nicole telling Tommy he would be nominated, but it’s nothing personal.

Additionally, she told both Tommy and Christie that the boutique owner would be the next Houseguest to join the Jury. The two childhood friends thought Nicole made the wrong decision and handed the win to Jackson by going after Christie and not the server.

Nicole received her Head of Household basket

In Nicole’s HOH basket, she received unicorn slippers, a large box of Lucky Charms, which included three new unicorns, scrunchies, Little Debbie snacks, a sweatshirt from home, ombre socks, several different types of chocolate, Doritos, Rose wine, a Pop TV mug, and more.

Additionally, her mother wrote her a heartfelt letter expressing how pleased she is with her daughter. Finally, the preschool aide’s pictures from home included her family, dog named Georgia Peach, and baby Nicole with her late grandmother. She also explained which family member picked each gift for her and the stories behind her pictures on the Live Feeds.

Bayleigh and Swaggy C return to crown the new HOH

Swaleigh returned to Big Brother 21 for Episode 33 to host the Head of Household competition, BBFlix & Chill. The houseguests had to select a poster based on clues given to them about which movie they want to watch. While there are three different options and multiple posters that fit one clue, there’s only one right answer. The first person who receives five points becomes the new Head of Household.

Jackson won by a long shot after seven rounds, beating everyone else by at least three points, earning his third HOH title. Not left with many options, Jackson nominated Cliff and Tommy for eviction, with the intent of sending the Broadway dancer to Jury.

However, Nicole and Cliff recognize that Jackson and Holly are huge threats, and began to regret saving them over Christie. Therefore, if either wins the upcoming BB Comics Veto Competition, Jackson will have to nominate Holly with Cliff and Nicole as the only voters.

It’s a possibility the two could flip the vote and blindside the showmance by sending Holly, not Tommy, to Jury, on Jackson’s HOH. Will Cliff or Nicole win the Veto? Watch Big Brother 21 Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.