‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 35: Did Holly Or Tommy Become the Next Member of the Jury?

For Big Brother 21 Week 11, Jackson won his third Head of Household title and nominated Cliff and Tommy for eviction. Having a final four alliance with Cliff, Nicole, and Holly, Jackson wanted Tommy to go.

Then, Nicole won the BB Comics Veto Competition in record-breaking time and took her number one ally off the block. Therefore, Jackson had to nominate his girlfriend, Holly, for eviction.

Cliff and Nicole began toying with the idea of breaking up the showmance, leading to a blowout Live Feeders, unfortunately, didn’t get to see. Who did Cliff and Nicole send to Jury; Tommy or Holly? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Tommy Holly evicted
Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Cliff and Nicole contemplate which Houseguest to evict

The duo saw the benefits in keeping Tommy and Holly, but couldn’t figure out which one was best for both of their games. In Tommy’s campaign to Nicole and Cliff, he offered to throw them the HOH so they could all three target Jackson.

Afterward, Cliff played a game of backgammon with Jackson and admitted he and Nicole were on the fence. The server then relayed this information to Holly who got upset because they all shook on a final four deal several times.

Furious that the two would even consider turning their back on their alliance, Jackson began thinking of ways to “play dirty.”

Jackson put together a last-ditch effort to save Holly

Late at night, Jackson saw Tommy go into the Have-Not room to talk to Cliff and Nicole. The server tiptoed to the door and listened carefully as the Broadway dancer began spilling out his plan.

He heard Tommy say that he would throw the HOH and target Jackson because he didn’t think any of them stand a chance against the server. Jackson then told Cliff and Nicole that Tommy told him he would promise them those things but really work with Jackson.

Then, they would evict Cliff and bring Nicole to Final Three because he knows they could beat the preschool aide. Of course, none of this is true, but Nicole immediately got upset and went to the bathroom to cry, feeling like she looked stupid.

They went to bed and confronted Tommy the following morning, on the day of eviction, about Jackson’s lie. The Broadway dancer promised it wasn’t true, and Nicole and Cliff seemed to believe him until an unseen House Meeting changed their minds.

During the meeting, which CBS did not show on the Live Feeds, Jackson and Tommy went head to head as the server accused him of saying something he never said.

Did ‘Big Brother 21’ Tommy or Holly join the Jury?

Up until minutes before the Live Eviction, Cliff and Nicole stood in the Boat Room as they deliberated who they should evict. Tommy gave an epic speech thanking everyone and told aspiring Big Brother Houseguests they could get in the house also.

However, Cliff and Nicole believed Jackson’s lies and award-winning performance during the House Meeting, which should be shown on the Sunday night episode, and unanimously voted to evict Tommy. Who will win the next HOH?

Watch Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.