‘Big Brother 21’: Fans Are Reacting to Nicole’s Long Veto Record

There are some players on Big Brother 21 that have been playing hard and winning multiple competitions. Nicole Anthony isn’t one of them. That isn’t because she hasn’t been trying. Fans are tweeting about her long veto record this season. Find out what the record is and what they have to say about it.

Nicole Anthony has yet to be picked to play in the veto competition

Nicole Anthony on 'Big Brother 21'
Nicole Anthony on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Nicole has been a more low key player this season. She wasn’t part of any of the big alliances and actually was a target when she told Isabella Wang that her alliance was turning on her. Now Nicole is in a good spot with Cliff Hogg III, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen.

The preschool aide revealed what her strategy was before the season. “Yes, my strategy for winning the game is to play it as authentically and objectively as I can,” she said in her profile. “In other words, I want to stay true to myself and connect with people on real, personal levels while also remembering to play the game non-emotionally for what it is: a game. Yes, the other people are my game pieces, but they are still people.”

One reason Nicole isn’t at the forefront of the game is she hasn’t played in a veto competition. Her chip hasn’t been selected nine times in a row. This could have hurt her chances especially when she was getting a lot of negative attention from the other houseguests, but she has been floating through the competition.

Fans are tweeting about her streak

Fans are starting to notice Nicole’s luck when it comes to veto competitions. Some think it’s pretty unlucky to not be able to play. Others started joking about her missing veto chip.

The good thing is Nicole hasn’t had to make any hard decisions after winning a veto showing where her loyalty lies. Only time will tell if she’ll eventually get picked and if that will change later this season.

This week Nick and Christie are on the block

Holly is the first repeat Head of Household of the season. This week is an odd time for the position given it will be full of pranks. Holly got to nominate just one person for the block and she chose Nick Maccarone.

America got to vote for the prankster and Nick won. He then put up a nomination and stayed anonymous. Nick picked Christie Murphy, which isn’t surprising given she blew up his game on taco night last week.

She accused him of playing a very good game to the point where he is friends with everyone. Christie claimed she’s no longer targeting Jackson because of this.

Fans will have to wait and see who will play in the veto this week. Nicole’s record could continue by not being picked. Or she could get picked and finally have a chance to decide what will be done with the veto. Either way, it’s pretty impressive she has made it so far without having to compete like other houseguests.