Why ‘Big Brother 21’ Fans Want to Boycott Finale

Big Brother 21 is close to wrapping up for the summer. The reality series will be crowing its winner in the coming days and some fans are less than thrilled. The top three contestants are ready to battle for the final Head of Household title and live feeders already know the outcome. As the competition series dwindles down some loyal viewers are calling for a boycott. Warning, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Holly and Michie from 'Big Brother 21'
Holly and Michie from ‘Big Brother 21’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Final HOH competition

The gloves were off in the battle for HOH. As it’s been customary, the final showdown is divided into three parts. In the first part, all three finalists play with the winner of that challenge securing their spot in the third part.

The players that lose the first battle compete in the second part. Whoever wins the second challenge will advance to the third part with the loser out of contention for the HOH title.

In the last leg of the competition, the winner of the first and second part will duke it out. The houseguest that comes out on top of this last part will become the final HOH.

As the final HOH, their duty will be to select the person that they will take to the finale and the other person will be evicted.

Fans are not having it

As the final HOH competition played out, avid fans followed the live feeds to decipher who was set to win the title. After Cliff’s eviction last Thursday the final three consists of Nicole, Michie, and Holly.

After Michie won the first part of the battle, Holly took the second, leaving Nicole out of the competition. Now Michie and Holly will play in the last part of the HOH game during the live finale on Wednesday, September 25.

Fans were quick to react and express their sentiments over the final two. Most are not happy that Michie and Holly are most likely taking each other to the finale. For many viewers, the game is over and they are calling for a boycott.

“Game over. I am out but will be here to support Nicole after the game. I am convinced they rigged this sh** for Buzzard just like they have for [Michie] the whole second half of the game. Boycott the finale guys, nothing to see,” a disheartened fan posted on Twitter.

“America, stop letting CBS use you for ratings,” a Twitter user wrote. “Boycott CBS reality shows put an end to the greed. The love of money is the root of all evil. They sit in their elitist chairs and laugh at the minions.”

“It’s like [Big Brother] is asking us to boycott the finale,” another viewer said. “You know damn well I’m not watching it. First time since I began watching this show 13 years ago that I won’t be watching the finale. This is an absolute disgrace to the game. A cheater is about to win half a million dollars. Sick.”

“Boycott the finale,” another user called out. “This show only exists because we watch. The rigging this time has been blatant. I am disgusted.”

Not everyone was on board for the boycott. Some fans invested so much time with the show that they feel the should stick it out and watch it until the end.

“I don’t get why people are saying to boycott the Big Brother 21 finale. We’ve stuck with it all summer, no point to quit now. Are Jackson and Holly the ideal final two? Absolutely not, but I’m still watching,” a loyal fan commented.

Fans are what makes Big Brother and have kept it on the air for all these years. Twitter users represent only a segment of the total audience and it will be interesting to see the ratings for the last episode. After the Nielsen rating report, we will have a better idea to know if the boycott of the finale had effects on viewership.