‘Big Brother 21’ Fans React to Jackson Michie’s Unhappy Winning Moment

Big Brother 21 came down to a showmance fighting to win. Jackson Michie took Holly Allen to the final two with him. There, they had the jury choose a winner.

Jackson won but it was a bittersweet finale and he didn’t look happy. That’s because he had a hard line of questioning about his treatment of others this season. Find out what happened and how fans are reacting.

The finale confronted Jackson Michie about his treatment of others this season

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie on 'Big Brother'
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

The finale of Big Brother 21 was different in that multiple houseguests were in the hot seat for their actions this season. That included Jackson who was still waiting to find out if he won the season.

Julie Chen Moonves brought up how Jackson banished Cliff Hogg III, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and David Alexander as camp director early this season.

Fans noticed he happened to pick most of the minorities and the one older houseguest. There were also clips from live feeds found of Jackson seemingly very angry when talking about David.

When asked if racism was the reason he picked them he answered, “Absolutely not. I’m not racist.” He added, “This was all based on first impressions.” He claimed he picked them because they also campaigned for the position so they were a threat.

There was also a chance for Jackson to address Kemi about things he said about her in the house. Jack Matthews was previously confronted about his comments about Kemi, which were often made around Jackson.

When it was Jackson’s turn to respond he said, “I’m not sure what is in reference here.” He continued, “But I do know that the only issues I had with Kemi on a personal level was when something was said about Jack and I cooking that she sees through the good ol’ boy kind of thing that we were told. But on a personal level I had no issues with Kemi.”

Jackson’s treatment of women in general was also mentioned during the jury questions. Tommy Bracco mentioned how some of the women in the jury felt like he was degrading and condescending to them and was asked to address that.

“I’m a very intense person and anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing and I give 110% effort in everything that I do,” he said.

He then added, “I have never at any point disrespected a woman’s character or her physical appearance or any way demoralized her as a person.” Jackson did get a lot of backlash for his backlash of Kathyrn Dunn and Holly.

Jackson went on to win ‘Big Brother 21’

It was announced that Jackson won the most votes after that serious discussion. This probably wasn’t very surprising given how many competitions he won and many of the jury members respected him for it. A lot of them also questioned whether Holly played her own game or if she just went along with Jackson.

One thing that was very noticeable when Jackson walked out to confetti is that he was unhappy. He looked very serious as the rest of the cast hugged him to congratulate him.

Fans loved the finale twist

Many fans were relieved that a lot of the controversy this season was acknowledged. They also pointed out the difference in reactions to Nicole Anthony winning America’s Favorite Player and Jackson’s reaction.

One fan tweeted, “The fact they addressed some of the controversy made this finale just a tad better. Softened the blow a tad to see them squirm. To see Kemi and Ovi preach what needed to be preached. To see beautiful Nicole talk about her self love and winning AFP. That was good #BB21.”

It was definitely an eventful finale full of mixed emotions. In true Big Brother fashion the season was unexpected to the last minute.