What ‘Big Brother 21’ Fans Think of Final 3 and Possible Winner

The summer television season is coming to an end with the Big Brother 21 finale. Only three housemates remain in the house to win the final Head of Household competition. The winner of this challenge will evict one last housemate and the two last remaining contestants will face the jury.

Live feeds have been on throughout the weekend and we now know which housemates remain standing. WARNING of MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

‘Big Brother 21’ is coming to an end | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Who won the last HOH competition?

After Cliff’s eviction last Thursday, the final three housemates would battle it out for the final Head of Household competition. Divided into three parts, Michie, Nicole, and Holly would go against each other to make it to finale night.

Part 1 of the HOH competition was battled already with Michie as the winner. With his win, he would automatically advance to Part 3 of the competition which would play out live on Wednesday’s finale.

Nicole and Holly faced-off during Part 2 of the competition and it was the latter that guaranteed herself a spot in Part 3. Holly will now battle against her showmance Michie in the last part of the HOH challenge. The winner of the third leg of the competition would decide who to face in the Final 2.

The last two contestants standing on finale night will fight for votes from their former housemates. They will each plead their case as to who deserved to be the Big Brother 21 champion.

Fans voice their opinions

Big Brother live-feeders debated what the outcome of the finale would be knowing that Michie and Holly were competing for the last HOH honor. Dedicated fans made predictions and suggested the different scenarios that could take place in the final week of the show.

A lot of fans think Nicole has no shot at making it to the Final 2 as Michie and Holly are involved in a showmance and would take each other.

“This season is trash so it deserves a trash winner. I’m proud of Nicole. She was supposed to be gone Week 4 and made it all the way to Final 3. She’s coming out of that house to so many fans and respect from past Big brother players, she should be so proud of herself,” a fan tweeted.

Some thought that Nicole might still have a shot to making it to the Final 2 if Holly won over Michie in the last leg of the HOH competition.

“The only way this season can be saved is if Holly wins Part 3 HOH, breaks up with [Michie] on the spot for being an a** to her (…) then takes Nicole to the final two,” another viewer suggested.

Overall, Nicole fans are just sad that having Michie and Holly deciding her faith is grim for her.

“I’m trying to be positive and remind myself that Nicole making Final 3 is an accomplishment from where her game was heading in the beginning. I can’t help but be sad,” a fan wrote.

Many viewers are blaming Cliff for Nicole’s game. He swayed her not to vote Holly out when they had the chance. Evicting her would’ve broken up her showmance with Michie, which would’ve increased their chances of making it further in the game.

“Cliff f***ed up Nicole’s chance of getting to Final 2. If Tommy [would’ve] stayed, he [would’ve] taken Nicole,” a fan commented.

Fans are predicting that the final two contestants will be Michie and Holly. In this scenario, most viewers think Holly would take the $500,000 prize. Many feel that the jury will favor Holly over Michie. It’s the latter that has made more housemates upset and would hold it against him.

The Big Brother 21 finale will air on Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.