‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feeds Spoiler: Who Won the Final Veto Competition?

Jackson answered the most questions correctly during BBFlix & Chill, giving the server his third Head of Household win. He nominated Cliff and Tommy for eviction with the intentions of sending the Broadway dancer to Jury.

Then, Nicole “smoked” the rest of the Houseguests in the classic BB Comics Veto Competition, and saved her number one ally off the block. Therefore, Jackson had to nominate his girlfriend.

When the showmance realized Cliff and Nicole were debating on breaking their Final Four deal, the two became angry, and Jackson pulled a last-ditch effort to save Holly from going home on his HOH.

He eavesdropped on a conversation Tommy had with Cliff and Nicole and then flipped the information to paint the Broadway dancer as a liar, leading to a full out blowup in the kitchen.

However, his plan worked as Cliff and Nicole stuck to their word and chose to evict Tommy. Then, the Final Four competed in the most crucial Head of Household and Veto Competitions to date. Who won? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Final Veto
Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, Ovi Kabir,Analyse Talvera, David, Alexander; L-R second row: Kathryn Dunn, Cliff Hogg, Sam Smith, Jackson Michie, Holly Alexander,Jack Matthews, Tommy Bracco, Kemi Fakunle, Nick Macaroni, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Who won the Head of Household?

For the HOH competition, the Houseguests had to stand on discs and hold onto a rope while spinning and hitting several obstacles. As outgoing HOH, Jackson couldn’t play.

Therefore, Cliff, Nicole, and Holly battled it out for the first guaranteed spot in the Final Three. The competition didn’t even last ten minutes as all the Houseguests almost immediately fell, but Nicole hung on the longest, giving her a back-to-back HOH win.

However, shortly after her quick win, Holly admitted she threw it to Nicole per Jackson’s instructions. The following day, Nicole nominated Holly and Jackson for eviction, and the pageant beauty began complaining that she threw the competition.

Holly claimed that not only is it a competition she knew she would win, but she also could have safety instead of worrying for another week. However, Jackson assured her he had a plan, and they just needed to focus on winning the Veto Competition.

‘Big Brother 21’ Cliff made Final Three deals with everyone

First, Cliff promised he would take Jackson to the Final Three if he won the Veto, and the server also agreed to take Cliff over Holly. The petroleum engineer then told Holly about the deal, and she promised to take him, not Jackson if she won the Veto Competition.

Holly claimed because Jackson got rid of Analyse that she doesn’t have a problem sending him home. Additionally, she believes she has no chance to win over Jackson.

Then, Cliff shook hands with Nicole that he would do whatever she wanted to do with the Veto if she won, and Nicole is leaning towards keeping Holly. Therefore, if Jackson won the Veto and took himself off the block, Cliff automatically goes up as a replacement nominee against Holly, and Jackson has the sole vote to evict.

The same thing rings true if Holly wins the Veto. If Cliff wins, he promised he would take the server, and if Nicole wins, Cliff has the sole vote to evict and swore to honor Nicole’s wishes.

Therefore, by making deals with both Holly and Jackson in case they won Veto, it should guarantee his spot in the Final Three. However, the showmance is lying to Cliff, and have no plans on evicting each other to save the petroleum engineer.

The only way he will not go home on Thursday is if he or Nicole wins the Veto.

Who won the Final ‘Big Brother 21’ Veto Competition?

After around four hours, the Live Feeds returned to show Jackson wearing the Power of Veto necklace. While it’s unclear which competition they did, it was a physical one as Holly commented that she had to get her inhaler and Cliff may have almost passed out.

While the three talked about the competition, Jackson sobbed to himself in the Target Room saying he was going to the Final Three with Holly. Keep watching Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.