Julie Chen Moonves and the ‘Big Brother 21’ PreJury Confronted the Other Houseguests About Their Controversial Comments

In an anticlimactic finale, showmance Jackson and Holly ended up in the Final Two. Even though Holly had better answers for the Jury, they couldn’t deny Jackson’s social and competitive game and awarded him the $500,000.

Although he might have been the rightful winner, the majority of Big Brother 21 fans did not want him to win because they believe he cheated as a Have-Not and was not punished for it, and think he’s racist for banishing David, Jessica, and Kemi, three minority Houseguests, on the first week.

The racist allegations continued throughout the season. Therefore, Julie Chen Moonves brought it up at the season finale. How did the Houseguests defend themselves?

Big Brother 21
L-R bottom row: Jack Matthews, Analyse Talvera, David Alexander; L-R 2nd row: Holly Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, Ovi Kabir, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony, Tommy Bracco; L-R top tow: Jackson Michie, Cliff Hogg, Sam Smith, Kathryn Dunn,Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 21’ has been embroiled in controversy

In the first twist of the season, the Houseguests had to choose someone to be Camp Director who would banish four people on the first week. Although votes were also cast for others, Jackson overwhelmingly won and chose Cliff, the oldest Houseguest, Kemi, an African American, David, the only other African American Houseguest, and Jessica, a Latina woman.

Almost immediately, social media sounded off, claiming the move was racially motivated. However, Jackson claimed he made his decision because they also campaigned to be Camp Director, so he viewed them as early threats.

Jackson, Jack, Christie, Tommy, Analyse, Holly, Nick, and Bella all created an alliance, Gr8ful, or H8ful as Big Brother 21 fans called them and were accused of bullying because they shut Nicole out of the Head of Household room while they talked badly about her.

Additionally, Jack made several rude comments about Kemi seemingly unprovoked as he ranted about her, calling her a b****h and even said he wanted to “stomp a mudhole through her chest.”

He also called Jessica “Consuela” and commented about “rice pudding” when referring to Bella, an Asian American. Fans accused Jack of being a racist and created an online petition to remove him from the show.

Julie Chen Moonves asked Jack about his controversial comments when he was evicted, and he claimed everything he said was playful and never racially motivated.

Even after Jack and Kemi were out of the house, other Houseguests including Christie, Nick, and occasionally Cliff continued to discuss Kemi.

Ovi and Kemi confronted the ‘Big Brother 21’ Jurors

During the Big Brother 21 finale, Moonves brought the PreJury on stage along with all the other Houseguests to confront them about their comments.

In the house, Ovi was bothered by how Gr8ful treated Nicole and approached Jack to tell him how he felt. On the stage, he reiterated they bullied Nicole by locking her out of the room where she could not defend herself.

Nicole remembered the situation and said she plans on forgiving and moving forward with her life. Also, Kemi called out Jack, Christie, and Nick for their obsession with her, and David admitted he felt like Jackson had some bias when he watched the show.

Jack, Christie, and Jackson apologized for controversial remarks

First, Jack apologized to Kemi and admitted his words came out of a place of anger because of something she said regarding Jackson’s cooking, which still doesn’t make sense.

Christie claimed she didn’t remember what she said about Kemi but blamed it on her hormones, and Jackson claimed he likes Kemi as a person, so he’s also unsure about what he said.


Nick didn’t get a chance to apologize because instead, Moonves asked him about moving on from Bella, to which he responded he had feelings for Kat, so he pursued them.

The host also told Jackson that viewers perceived his actions as Camp Director racist. Completely caught off guard, the server maintained he’s not racist, and everything he did was game-related so he could “walk out with confetti” on his shoulders.

When Moonves asked the Houseguest to answer for their actions, she did not remind them or show a clip of what they said. Therefore, after they get home and have time to re-watch the season, hopefully Kemi and Nicole will receive a proper apology.