‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feeds Spoiler: Who Is the First Guaranteed Houseguest in the Final Three?

For the third time, Jackson took control of a Big Brother 21 week with another Head of Household win. He decided to nominate Cliff and Tommy, with the Broadway dancer as his target.

Then, Nicole won the BB Comics Veto Competition and took Cliff off the block, forcing Jackson to nominate his girlfriend, Holly, on his own HOH. Initially, they felt safe, thinking Cliff and Nicole would repay the favor and keep them safe as they did when they were HOH.

However, Holly and Jackson began to get suspicious when the duo admitted they were on the fence. Realizing his girlfriend could get evicted during his HOH, Jackson put together a last-ditch effort in an attempt to save her, leading to a massive blowout between the server and Tommy.

What happened, and who won Head of Household, guaranteeing their place in the Final Three? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Nicole HOH
Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco,Nicole Anthony, and Kemi Faknule. L-R back row: Kathryn Dunn, Ovi Kabir, Holly Alexander, Jack Matthews | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Jackson lied to try to save Holly

After watching Tommy enter the Have-Not room to talk to Cliff and Nicole privately, Jackson followed him and eavesdropped on their conversation. He heard Tommy reaffirming that he would throw the HOH to Cliff or Nicole and then team up with them to target Jackson.

The server later went to the duo and claimed Tommy approached him and told him he would tell Cliff and Nicole those things to save himself so he could partner up with Jackson and evict the petroleum engineer.

He then rubbed salt in the wound by telling Nicole that Tommy allegedly said they would take Nicole to the Final Three because he knows they can beat her. That last bit of information set the preschool aide off and she went into the bathroom to cry, hating that she looked stupid.

Tommy or Holly joined the ‘Big Brother 21’ Jury

On the following day, Eviction Day, Nicole and Cliff confronted Tommy about Jackson’s story, which the Broadway dancer denied. Nicole then called a House Meeting, which the Live Feeders weren’t able to watch, where Jackson and Tommy went to head-to-head over the fabricated story.

Finally, Cliff and Nicole deliberated in the Boat Room over who to evict until only minutes before the Live Eviction. Believing Jackson’s story, Cliff and Nicole decided to stick to their Final Four deal and unanimously voted to send Tommy to Jury.

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ Crash and Turn HOH competition?

The Houseguests, excluding outgoing Head of Household Jackson, competed in BB Stunt Camp, where they had to stand on discs, holding on to a rope, hitting several obstacles put in their way.

In one of the fastest competitions of the season, if not franchise, Nicole almost immediately won. This is now Nicole’s second HOH win, including one Veto under her belt, and she is technically responsible for evicting childhood friends and significant threats, Christie and Tommy.

Additionally, she is officially the first confirmed Houseguest in the Final Three. Who will Nicole nominate for eviction? Watch Big Brother 21 Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.