‘Big Brother 21’: Holly Allen Reveals She was Planning a Fake Showmance with Jackson Michie at First

A showmance can help or hurt your game on Big Brother. Some houseguests decide to get into one or avoid it because of this.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen had a strong showmance given they made it to the end together. There is always a question on whether showmances are real and fake.

Holly revealed they were planning to fake one at first. Find out what she had to say and more.

Jackson Michie was in a showmance with Kathryn Dunn first

Big Brother 21 started with Jackson being in a showmance with Kathryn Dunn. However, that ended pretty quickly with Jackson ending things with her.

“The way she was handling the block and everything like that, and she was up and down, and like a roller coaster of emotions, I realized, ‘Wow, this is not good for my game,’” Jackson explained on Now What With Jessica Graf.

“And I, honestly, severed that [relationship] because of the game and then Holly and I started after that. It wasn’t ever, ‘I need to get rid of Kat, so I can be with Holly.’ It was never like that,” he claimed.

Holly and Jackson continued their relationship after the show

Holly and Jackson had a roller coaster of a relationship on the show. However, they managed to make it as a final two and Jackson won.

It doesn’t seem like there were any hard feelings. Holly posted a picture on Instagram after the show with the caption, “Welp. I didn’t win $500k. But my favorite human did. And 2nd place ain’t so bad. I walked out that door last night with two of my absolute best friends. Cheers to a 99 looong days and the adventure of a lifetime. What a challenging, strengthening, and humorous summer. Thank you all for following along on our adventures!!!”

They have continued their relationship after the finale. She posted a picture of them together and wrote in the caption, “Took this guy to meet my friends, befriend my critters, and sip my wine in Malibu yesterday. Today we are exploring his world in Tennessee. We promised adventure outside of the BB walls, and adventures we shall have.”

She said they talked about having a fauxmance

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie on 'Big Brother'
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Holly revealed that they were planning to fake a relationship before it became real. “We were friends right away,” she said on Rob Has a Podcast. “Within the first couple of days we just got along really well. I never saw him as anything more than a friend in the beginning. I definitely was keeping my distance.”

She said she didn’t go into the show with the intention of having a relationship. “I didn’t want a showmance unless it would be beneficial to my game and I could leverage it in some way.”

Holly revealed that somewhere around the first and second week they started talking about having a “fauxmance.” “And we were very seriously contemplating staging a showmance because we could then manipulate it different ways,” she explained. “Which we ended up kind of doing some of it like going off on our own being like exiled from the group, being floaters.”

The runner-up also said they could stage a breakup as a fauxmance. However, she said she started to have real feelings for Jackson on Day 18. Holly said Jackson was flirty at that point too. It sounds like their showmance is pretty real despite their plan and it’s still continuing.