‘Big Brother 21’: Is This Houseguest Racist? Fans Think So

The two-night premiere of Big Brother just ended and things are already starting to get out of hand. From people who secretly know each other from the outside world to the addition of a new role, this season of Big Brother is shaping up to be like none we’ve seen before.

What was the biggest twist?

On night one of the show, host Julie Chen announced that the houseguests would have to decide who would be the Camp Director. At the time, no one knew what the Camp Director would have to do, just that the person would have a lot of power.

Jessica Milagros was set on taking the position and confirmed with several people that they would vote for her. Unfortunately for Milagros, some players changed their minds and voted for Jackson Michie instead.

“I’m pissed! Like, someone lied to me,” Milagros told the cameras after the votes were revealed. “A lot of people lied to me. I’m so mad! I have to rethink what I’m going to do.”

After the votes were counted, Chen came back to tell everyone what the Director would actually be doing.

“Jackson, congratulations on your new job,” she said. “As Camp Director, you will be safe at the first live eviction. As the Director of Camp BB, you must choose to banish four houseguests. The four you choose will be out of the Big Brother game.”

She continued, explaining that the four people chosen would go in a head-to-head battle to come back into the house and one person would be evicted.

Who was banished?

On night two of the premiere, Mitchie chose to banish Cliff Hogg III, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and David Alexander.

Who are fans calling racist?

It just so happened that Mitchie’s choices included the only two black people in the house, the oldest houseguest, and a plus-sized latina woman. While this could have all been a strange coincidence, fans certainly didn’t think so.

“Banishing the only 2 black houseguests, the eldest houseguest, and the only plus size houseguest during the first night…. makes you look so bad,” one person tweeted. “I really hope Jackson is a prejury boot. Casting needs more open minded Southern men. Robyn needs to do better. This aint it. #BB21”

“This dude banished the blacks in the house,” another person wrote, seemingly baffled. “Please you absolutely cannot make it up, I— #BB21

Others compared him to past BB players.

“The ‘I’m not racist, I just happen to target anyone who isn’t straight white hot and young,” starter pack. #bb21

Others were upset at how quickly the minorities were being targeted.

“The season just started 2 seconds ago and all the minorities got banished,” one fan wrote.

In the end, Alexander ended up going home, which fans weren’t too happy about.

“When 1/2 Of The Black Representation Has Already Dipped From The House,” one fan tweeted. “Issa Wrap Guys. #BB21


“I truly feel for David,” season 15 winner Andy Herren wrote. “Watching him go out on a competition that was basically a crapshoot on night one was not fun to watch. When will the Big Brother producers understand that fans want to get to know the houseguests, not lose them immediately?”