‘Big Brother 21’: Jack Matthews Just Got Shaded by Jessica Milagros in an Epic Way

The houseguests from Big Brother 21 are seemingly loving the spotlight and newfound popularity. Because of this, many of them have become super active on social media and regularly communicate with fans. Recently, Jessica Milagros commented on an Instagram post and threw some shade at another houseguest, Jack Matthews.

Jack Matthews and Jessica Milagros
(L-R) Jack Matthews and Jessica Milagros on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Jack Matthews and Jessica Milagros’ history on ‘Big Brother 21’

Milagros and Matthews were on opposing sides of the house for the majority of the competition. Though Matthews was in the dominant alliance, Gr8ful, he eliminated from the competition and sent to the jury house weeks before Milagros, who was in Cliff’s Angels.

Matthews was eliminated sixth and became the first member of the jury. Milagros was eliminated tenth and actually had the key Head of Household win which sent Matthews home.

How Jessica Milagros shaded Jack Matthews on social media

In an Instagram post that seems to have gone up during the time that the season was still on the air, a fan commented, in reference to Matthews, “He calls them floaters but in total they have more wins than him.”

After the season ended, Milagros responded to the comment and said, “he was so arrogant that he didn’t know we were in an alliance of our own. But funny fact we were also the only ladies to win any of the vetos this season.”

A fan posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter and said that Milagros dragged Matthews, calling her “legendary.” Milagros replied to the tweet and said, “Was that dragging? Sorry, I thought they were just facts.”

Jack Matthews is a controversial ‘Big Brother’ contestant

Matthews was a very divisive houseguest on the recent season of Big Brother. He arguably ranks chief among a group of the houseguests that are accused of making racist, sexist, and overall mean-spirited comments about the other people in the house.

The remark that gained the most backlash was when Matthews said something about fellow houseguest, Kemi Fakulne. He said, “F**kin’ Kemi makes me want to stomp a f**king mudhole through her chest.” He also referred to Milagros, who is of Latin descent, as “Conseula.” 

Hopefully not that the competition is over, Matthews reflected on his actions in the house.