‘Big Brother 21’ Jackson Cried and Said He Wanted a Hug From His Mom After Betraying Tommy

When Jackson and Holly first began winning back-to-back Head of Household titles, they struck a Final Four deal with Cliff and Nicole and kept them safe. Therefore, when Holly ended up on the block next to Tommy, they expected the duo to return the favor.

However, once the showmance realized Cliff and Nicole were weighing their options, Jackson came up with a fabricated story to paint Tommy as a bigger target.

After it worked, and Cliff and Nicole evicted the Broadway dancer, Jackson assured them they did the right thing and continued to lie to their face. However, later that night, it caught up with Jackson as he broke down crying because he felt guilty for betraying Tommy. Keep reading for more.

Big Brother 21 Jackson crying
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Jackson pulled a last-ditch effort to save Holly

After growing suspicious that Cliff and Nicole would renege on their Final Four deal and evict Holly, Jackson decided he would do anything to keep his showmance.

Late at night, he saw Tommy enter the Have-Not room to speak with Cliff and Nicole, and he followed and eavesdropped on their conversation. Jackson heard Tommy confirm he would throw the HOH, try his hardest to win the Veto, and then team up with them to take out Jackson.

The server then devised a story to tell Cliff and Nicole and headed to their RV room. He flipped the information he overheard, saying Tommy said he would say those things to the duo but secretly work with Jackson to get Cliff out of the house.

Then, they would take Nicole to the Final Three because they believe they can beat her. Jackson then convinced Nicole to have a House Meeting about it the next day, right before eviction, to which Nicole agreed.

The House Meeting turned into a massive blowout between Jackson and Tommy, with the server trying to convince him of saying something he never said.

As a professional actor and Broadway dancer, Tommy’s attempts at defending himself seemed very theatrical, causing Nicole and Cliff to believe Jackson and send the Broadway dancer to Jury.

‘Big Brother 21’ Jackson cried over his actions

At around 10:30 p.m. Cliff laid in the RV room and Nicole was in the Diary Room, while Jackson cried in Holly’s arms in the bathroom. He said he could use a hug from his mom and questioned her presence when he needed her.

As Holly hugged him, she said she couldn’t cry anymore because she’s cried so much in the house. Jackson told her this was his first time crying in the house, and Holly welcomed him to the club.

After breaking down again, Jackson said he didn’t want to play a dirty game, all he wanted was for Cliff and Nicole to stay true to their word. He questioned why they contemplated turning their back on the Final Four deal, and Holly agreed, saying, “it should have been so straight-forward.”

Jackson admitted he would be embarrassed if he watched the show and saw that Cliff and Nicole were planning on keeping Holly, but he didn’t feel like that was the case and didn’t want to wait until Holly was evicted to find out.

Additionally, Jackson said he couldn’t live with the thought that he should’ve done more to save her. Holly assured Jackson he had a reason to worry, saying she practically offered Cliff and Nicole everything, and they were still on the fence.

Jackson said he knows what he heard and genuinely believed they would have taken Tommy’s deal. Their conversation then ended by Nicole inviting everyone to see her HOH room. To see what happens next, watch Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.