‘Big Brother 21’ Winner Jackson Michie Brought Holly Allen Home To Meet His Family

Jackson Michie’s competition skills and smart gameplay put himself and his girlfriend Holly Allen in the Final Two chairs, and he walked out with confetti on his shoulders and the girl of his dreams.

While the two were in the house, they described their lives to each other and promised they would have adventures and travel together once a year, even if they weren’t a couple anymore.

Jackson Michie Holly Allen
Jackson Michie (L) and Holly Allen | Gabriel Olsen

According to their Instagram accounts, they have been together every single day since leaving the Big Brother house and admitted they are falling more in love with each other.

After meeting Allen’s dog and coworkers, Michie brought his girlfriend home to meet his parents.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen got into a showmance

During Big Brother 21, Jackson Michie initially began a romantic relationship with Kathryn Dunn within the first week of filming. However, he ended up with his Six Shooter alliance mate, Holly Allen, after around twenty days of living in the Big Brother house.

Fully trusting her new boyfriend, Allen told Michie in confidence that she knew Dunn before entering the house. Michie then told his number one guy in the house, Jack Matthews, but the fitness trainer spilled the beans to other Six Shooters Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco.

The distrust tore the once dominating alliance apart, and Michie and Allen were left to fend for themselves on Day 44. However, the server won his first Head of Household, followed by Allen, who won her second, and Michie continued to dominate in almost every competition.

He even put together a last-ditch effort to save Allen once he sensed Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony would evict her, a move fans are calling one of the best in Big Brother history.

After the show ended, the two have spent every single day together immersing themselves in each other’s worlds.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen have been inseparable

Allen works for a famous Instagram-perfect winery called the Malibu Wine Safari, which is located on a thousand acres and features incredible animals, including zebras, cameras, and, of course, Stanley the Giraffe.

The safari guide took Michie, along with the rest of the Six Shooters, to her winery to meet her coworkers, pet animals, and taste the wine. She also made sure her dog, Jackson, approved of her new boyfriend, which, according to her Instagram story, he does.

Then, they went to Michie’s hometown in Nashville, Tennessee, to watch a Volunteers game, where they met up with his friends and BB21 castmate Ovi Kabir.

Jackson Michie brought Holly Allen home to meet his family

Michie shared a text conversation from his father saying there was a watermelon in the fridge for him, and then Allen shared a photo of Michie cutting his favorite fruit with a specialized knife.

Allen also uploaded a picture to her Instagram story showing an HOH basket Michie’s made them, which consisted of Pringles, goldfish, Honey Buns, Nutter Butters, Combos, Popcorn, chocolate, and, of course, a robe.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen’s homemade HOH basket | Holly Allen via Instagram
Robe | Holly Allen via Instagram

If the two continue on their travels, their next stop could be Allen’s hometown in Wyoming, so Michie can see the ranch and meet her family.