Why ‘Big Brother 21’ Fans Believe the Winner ‘Cheated’ And Is ‘Problematic’

The Big Brother 21 finale was anticlimactic because everyone knew Jackson Michie would win when Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg made the crucial mistake of saving his girlfriend, Holly Allen, over Tommy Bracco.

Still, viewers were upset when the Jury awarded him the $500,000 and began tweeting their frustration with the hashtag, NotMyWinner. They accused Michie of being verbally abusive towards women after Kathryn Dunn vented her frustrations about him and how he treated his girlfriend.

Additionally, Michie was caught cheating while a Have-Not on the Live Feeds, and because he was never punished, they are also accusing CBS of helping him cheat.

While it hasn’t been officially proven if Michie cheated or not, here are some examples, including Live Feed timestamps, of his questionable behavior, which has led to him being one of the least-liked Big Brother winners ever.

Jackson Michie Big Brother 21
Jackson Michie | Monty Brinton/CBS

Jackson Michie admitted to being depressed before entering ‘Big Brother 21’

On July 1 at 4:05 p.m. PST, Michie explained his love of self-help books and proving people wrong to Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talvera. He then admitted to them that before entering the Big Brother house, he suffered from extreme depression and was borderline suicidal.

However, he knew he wanted to be on Big Brother and “saw the light at the end of the tunnel” after making the cast. Before Houseguests are cast for the reality competition program, they have to endure psychological tests to make sure they can handle the constant stressful environment of the Big Brother house.

Therefore, unless Michie lied to the Houseguests, he should have never been cast.

Jackson Michie admitted to taking illegal prescriptions

The following day, Bracco and Christie Murphy were in the HOH room discussing everyone, and they commented on how good of a game they thought Michie was playing.

Even though they said they wanted to go to the Final Three with him, the two believe the server could be a “villain,” and Bracco called him “weird.” He also explained how Michie continued to give his speech about being depressed six months before entering the house, and Murphy responded saying Michie told her that he takes five Xanax’s a day.

The Live Feeds then immediately cut to the waiting screen. On July 17 at 1:28 p.m. PST, Holly Allen told Kathryn Dunn and Michie that she wanted to have her Xanax in the house, but she didn’t even ask for them because she wanted to compete without them.

Michie said he was “talking to mom yesterday,” and Allen interrupted him and clarified he meant Christie. The server continued, saying he thanked the woman for taking his prescription away because it feels good not to have to depend on it.

Michie further explained he’s had insomnia for over a year and has a new prescription, but had been getting the medication off the street for a while before then. The Live Feeds then cut when he began explaining the dangers of it.

Jackson Michie cheated as a Have-Not

On July 21 at 9:42 p.m. PST, Michie lied on the hammock next to Allen and watched Jack Matthews and Talvera as they worked out. Matthews and Allen made playful comments about Michie’s now disappeared abs, and he stormed inside.

The following day, Michie began cheating as a Have-Not by eating food other than slop in the shower. He would bend down, take a bite, and then come up, clearly chewing.

Four days later, Murphy confirmed to Bracco that production helped Michie cheat as a Have-Not by restocking all of his requests because the server had a nervous breakdown after getting off his medications.

She further explained that he had vocalized his issues, but the Live Feeds cut to the waiting screen. A few days before the finale, on September 22 at 1:17 a.m. PST, Michie reminded Holly of a time he was nervous because “they were technically guaranteeing” the server a spot in the Final Two.

He then said he would “be the world’s biggest idiot” and then the Live Feeds cut to the waiting screen. While it’s unclear who “they” are, if he were talking about Cliff Hogg or Nicole Anthony, the Feeds wouldn’t have cut at that exact time.

Whether Michie is problematic and did cheat or not, it’s clear that fans are not happy with the Big Brother 21 winner.