‘Big Brother 21’: Jackson Michie Reveals the Real Reason He Ended His Showmance with Kathryn Dunn

Jackson Michie started the season by being in a showmance with Kathryn Dunn on Big Brother 21. That quickly ended and he started a relationship with Holly Allen.

All of that seems to be so long ago but now Jackson is talking about the real reason he decided to end things with Kathryn. Did it have anything to do with Holly? Here is what he had to say and more. Warning Big Brother 21 finale spoilers!

‘Big Brother 21’ had multiple messy shomances

There is usually at least one showmance every season in the Big Brother house. At the end of the season, fans often wonder if those relationships will continue.

Big Brother 21 was a bit messier because multiple showmances ended only for houseguests to move on to another person. The first person to do this was Jackson.

He was first in a showmance with Kathryn before ending it and starting a relationship with Holly. Holly and Kathryn knew each other before the show and were friendly. But Kathryn and Jackson often got into arguments.

Bella Wong and Nick Maccarone were also in a showmance. She was evicted and he later started something with Kathryn in the jury house. Bella wasn’t thrilled to see this and confronted him in the finale.

Jackson and Holly were the final two

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on 'Big Brother 21'
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

The one showmance that made it to the end was Jackson and Holly. This was after the houseguests dominated competitions together and had to change their allies. 

The couple still had their problems. They were sometimes seen arguing during the live feeds, which made fans take sides. Still, they managed to make it to the end.

When they made their case to the jury, they argued that they had very different strategies. Holly focused on keeping good relationships with other people in the house. Jackson was more focused on winning competitions and saying whatever he had to in order to stay.

It looks like the jury found Jackson’s argument to be the most compelling. He won the season and $500,000.

He said he ended things because Kathryn was bad for his game

The winner opened up about why he no longer wanted to be with Kathryn. He believed that she was bad for his game.

“The way she was handling the block and everything like that, and she was up and down, and like a rollercoaster of emotions, I realized, ‘Wow, this is not good for my game,’” he said on Now What With Jessica Graf, according to Us Weekly.

Michie went on to say that Holly didn’t have anything to do with his decision. “And I, honestly, severed that [relationship] because of the game and then Holly and I started after that. It wasn’t ever, ‘I need to get rid of Kat, so I can be with Holly.’ It was never like that,” he said.

Jackson and Holly seemed to end the season still in a relationship. Fans will have to wait and see if it’ll last. They did talk about planning to travel together after the season and staying friends no matter what happens.