‘Big Brother 21’ Week 11 Live Eviction Spoiler: How Jackson’s Master Plan May End Up Getting Holly Evicted

Because Nicole won the Big Brother 21 BB Comics Veto Competition and saved Cliff from eviction, Jackson had to choose Holly as his replacement nominee. They became suspicious that Cliff and Nicole were planning on using the opportunity to split up the showmance, and tried to talk to them.

When Holly spoke with Nicole, she cried about how badly she wanted to stay in the house, and it rubbed her the wrong way how “emotionless” Nicole was during their conversation.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Cliff discussed keeping Tommy that way they would be credited for breaking up two very powerful duos. Trying to protect Holly, Jackson put together a master plan to pin the target on Tommy, so Cliff and Nicole would evict the Broadway dancer.

Did it work? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Jackson plan
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie |Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Holly had an unsatisfying talk with Nicole

Getting paranoid, Holly had another conversation with Nicole to try to figure out where who she would evict the following day. The preschool aide voiced her concern that if Jackson and or Holly won Head of Household and Power of Veto, then Cliff or Nicole would be the next to join the Jury.

Holly told her not to assume and claimed she plays a separate game than Jackson. The pageant beauty then filled Jackson in on their conversation, and he got upset. Jackson said would lie to Cliff and Nicole, and stab them in the back for not returning their loyalty.

The two discussed their feelings about the situation for a little bit until Jackson decided he would confront Cliff. While Jackson attempted to guilt trip Cliff, Holly eavesdropped on Tommy and Nicole’s conversation as the preschool aide expressed how guilty she felt for keeping the Broadway dancer.

Cliff and Nicole then met privately in the Have-Not Room and compared notes. Later, Tommy joined them, and they started talking game, not knowing Jackson was listening in from the other side of the door.

Jackson flipped Tommy’s conversation with Cliff and Nicole

In the Have-Not Room, Tommy expressed his desire to publicly identify Jackson as his target because he doesn’t think any of them stand a chance against him. He also reiterated that he would throw a Head of Household competition to Cliff or Nicole, and then gun for the Veto and evict Jackson.

After thinking about his next moves for a little bit, Jackson approached Cliff and Nicole in the RV room and flipped the conversation Tommy had with them. The server claimed Tommy told him that he would lie to Cliff and Nicole about throwing them the HOH to get in their good graces and suggested Cliff would win the game so they should team up and knock him out.

He also said Tommy commented on taking Nicole because she’s easy to beat, which set the Long Island native off. She said she wanted to call a house meeting and clear the air because she hates looking stupid.

While Jackson went back to the HOH room and boasted about his lie to Holly, Nicole cried because she’s over the drama. During the last conversation the Cliff and Nicole had before bed, they seemed decided on keeping Holly.

‘Big Brother 21’ Nicole and Cliff confronted Tommy

In the morning, Nicole and Cliff confronted Tommy about the lie Jackson made up about him. He confirmed he never said anything of the sort to Jackson, and hasn’t talked game with him in a while.

Tommy broke down and explained he’s by himself and wants to help them evict Jackson. During their conversation, Holly listened from outside the door, but it didn’t matter as Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy exited the RV with Nicole calling a house meeting.

At the same time, Jackson came out of the Diary Room and cleaned the kitchen, avoiding making eye contact with Tommy. Then, the Live Feeds cut, frustrating viewers who wanted to watch the fireworks.

What happened? Keep watching Big Brother 21 Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.