‘Big Brother 21’ Jessica Milagros Explained Her Strategy and Watched Goodbye Messages With Julie Chen Moonves

During Week 10 of Big Brother 21, Jackson held on to the wall the longest, winning his second Head of Household competition. He nominated Jessica and Christie, with the plus-sized model as the intended target.

For the Veto Competition, Tommy had the best hiding spot for Hide-And-Go Veto and came away with the win. He took his childhood friend off the block, forcing Jackson to nominate his ally, Cliff.

Even though Christie attempted to flip the votes and keep Jessica, Nicole couldn’t turn on her “day one.” Therefore, Jessica became the fifth juror to enter the Jury House.

She then sat down with Julie Chen Moonves to discuss her strategy and watch goodbye messages. Whose video made her cry? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Jessica
Jessica Milagros | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Jessica discussed her loyalties and strategy

Even though Kathryn was her number one, her main loyalties in the house laid with Christie and Nicole. Live Feed viewers watched Christie and Jessica connect while they were on the block together as Jessica tearfully told Christie she’d “been waiting for her.”

The boutique owner said they had always been each other’s “person” and wished she would have aligned with her sooner instead of the Six Shooters.

Jessica also named Nicole because the preschool aide gave her a lot of information that helped her make decisions to stay in the house longer. Although Jessica seemingly didn’t have a strategy, she said she did at first.

Initially, she wanted to wait and get to know people to align with instead of joining an alliance on the first day. However, it did work out for her because, then everyone already had their alliances, and she didn’t know who she could talk to or trust.

What Jessica wanted to prove on ‘Big Brother 21’

As one of the only plus-sized women to ever appear on Big Brother, Jessica wanted to disprove the negative stigmas surrounding big people and show that anyone can compete.

She believes she accomplished her goal because she won a Head of Household competition and nominated the biggest threats in the house, Jack and Jackson.

The plus-sized model also won the Veto, securing one of their evictions. Additionally, Jessica said she was one of the first people banished and made it to the top seven by playing an honest game.

Jessica’s ‘Big Brother 21’ goodbye messages

Jackson kicked off the goodbye messages calling the plus-sized model “Mama Jess” and promised her his decision was not personal. Cliff apologized that they couldn’t continue in the competition any longer, and Holly asked Jessica to hug Kat for her.

Next, Tommy told the plus-sized model that she is an “inspiration” to everyone, which is bigger than the grand prize. Nicole admitted she had been loyal to Cliff longer, so she had to evict Jessica but will miss her in the RV room.

Finally, Christie burst out in tears in her video message as she assured the plus-sized model that they would continue their friendship out of the house, causing Jessica to tear up as well.

For her last question, Moonves asked Jessica who she thought would follow her out of the house. The plus-sized model answered Holly because she believes they’re targeting the showmance. However, Jessica hopes it’s Jackson because she thinks he plays a dirty game.

Who will join the Jury next? Keep watching Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.