‘Big Brother 21’ Star Kathryn Dunn Responded to Cheating Allegations From Ex-Boyfriend Marty Martinez

Big Brother 21 favorite Kathryn Dunn became the talk of the season early on, and it was not for her signature “are you b*s conspiring against me?” phrase.

After she hooked up with Jackson Michie in the first few days, and then he moved on to Holly Allen, the show made it seem like they were in a love triangle.

Kathryn Dunn
Kathryn Dunn and Jackson Michie | Sonja Flemming

Once the show, and the Live Feeds, exposed Dunn and Michie’s sexual relationship, a man claiming to be the marketer’s boyfriend, Marty Martinez, came forward and accused her of cheating him.

For the first time, Dunn addressed her ex-boyfriend and his allegations on a podcast, admitting it hurts her to talk about the situation, but she wanted to set the record straight.

Kathryn Dunn’s ex-boyfriend Marty Martinez exposed their relationship

After a few days of living in the Big Brother house, a presumably single Dunn began hooking up with eventual winner Jackson Michie. Her actions hurt Martinez, and he took to social media to accuse Dunn of cheating on him.

He posted videos of a Big Brother viewing party he said he threw for her and claimed she convinced him to give her a promise ring. Martinez also said Dunn talked to him into allowing her to say she’s single to get cast for the show but still planned on committing to Martinez after Big Brother concluded.

He then posted screenshots of his text messages with presumably Dunn, and she says she loves him “so much” a couple of times and tells him she “can’t wait to be on Amazing Race together.”

Finally, Martinez uploaded a couple of goodbye videos Dunn sent him where she’s crying and telling him not to forget about her because she’ll be thinking of him every day in the house.

She also thanked him for being her best friend and number one supporter. Therefore, Martinez claimed he thought he would continue their relationship once Dunn left the house. However, he says she’s left him “heartbroken and embarrassed.”

Kathryn Dunn responded to Marty Martinez cheating allegations

On Your Reality Recaps podcast, Dunn admitted the situation was very hurtful for her because she considered Martinez her best friend, and they “spent a lot of time together.”

The pageant beauty kind of admitted she wanted to separate from him in the house because she realized a lot of her strength came from him instead of within herself.

However, Dunn said she was still crying over him in the house while he was using their relationship as a “publicity stunt.” The digital marketing executive explained that she didn’t care much about the backlash because she “can handle Internet trolls.”

However, she admitted the situation was “really unfortunate for her parents” because Martinez would ask them to get Dunn’s stuff out of his apartment, and then refuse to answer when they came to the door.

The digital marketing executive also set the record straight on her relationship with Martinez, saying they never dated, but she did have feelings for him and “could marry him.”

Ultimately, Dunn said he didn’t act like a genuine friend, and she’s glad the situation happened so she can move on and be happy with someone else.