‘Big Brother 21’: Kathryn Dunn Opened up About Her Infamous Storage Room Conversation with Nicole Anthony

One of the most loved Big Brother 21 contestants, Kathryn Dunn, went on Your Reality Recaps podcast to set the record straight about the infamous conversation that took place with America’s Favorite Houseguest, Nicole Anthony, in the storage room.

Big Brother 21 Kathryn Dunn
Cliff Hogg with Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony and Kathryn Dunn | Robert Voets

Kathryn Dunn and Nicole Anthony were in Cliff’s Angels

Initially playing a floater game who got along with mostly everyone, Dunn was close with Jessica Milagros, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg, and they formed Cliff’s Angels after the apparent break-up of major alliance Gr8ful.

Their alliance was off to a great start as Milagros won the following Head of Household and nominated huge threats, Jack Matthews and eventual winner Jackson Michie, for eviction.


The plus-sized model also won the Power of Veto, ensuring her nominations would stay the same, and Matthews ended up becoming the first member of the Big Brother 21 Jury.

Unfortunately, the celebration for Cliff’s Angels didn’t last long as Tommy Bracco won the next HOH and nominated Dunn and Hogg for eviction.

Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg were on the block together

Because of America’s Field Trip, Christie Murphy was placed on the block with the alliance members as a punishment. However, her longtime friend Bracco won the Otev Veto Competition and saved her from eviction, leaving either Dunn or Hogg as the next to join Matthews in Jury.

However, Nick Maccarone started an alliance of six, including himself, Hogg, Anthony, Murphy, Bracco, and Analyse Talavera, to get Michie out of the house, which Hogg accepted immediately.

After finding out about the deal, and realizing it didn’t include Milagros, Dunn became extremely upset with Hogg and accused him of turning his back on their alliance to save himself.

Ultimately, Dunn was very close to Michie and Holly Allen and didn’t believe she would nominate or vote against him, so they went with Hogg, and the digital marketing executive was evicted.

Kathryn Dunn reveals what happened with Nicole Anthony

After Dunn left the house, Anthony was heard on the Live Feeds explaining to several people that she felt extremely hurt by her former alliance member after claiming Dunn trashed her family to get Anthony to vote for her.

In a podcast with Your Reality Recaps, Dunn set the record straight about what she really said in the storage room. According to the digital marketing executive, she knew Anthony would not keep her over Hogg because they were close on a personal and game level.

However, Dunn claimed the preschool aide told her she didn’t want to evict Dunn but had to because she was going to go along with Maccarone’s alliance of six.

The new information annoyed Dunn because she felt like Anthony was playing his game instead of her own. Therefore, attempting to be motivational, the digital marketing executive explained that Anthony should play the game to make her friends, family, and school kids proud.

However, the preschool aide became offended by Dunn’s words, so she immediately apologized the next time they saw each other. As of now, the two seem to be on great terms.