‘Big Brother 21’: The Fourth Juror Sat Down with Julie Chen Moonves To Discuss Gameplay and Watch Goodbye Messages

As a massive mental threat with several allies, it seemed as if Nick would win Big Brother 21. However, Christie, facing eviction, exposed Nick’s game during Taco Tuesday causing then-Head of Household, Jackson, to reconsider evicting Christie.

Instead, he sent home one of Nick’s most prominent allies, Analyse, who expressed that she would not nominate or vote to evict Nick. This week, the showmance is in power again, and HoH Holly wanted Nick out to build her resume.

Despite a strong pitch to stay, the house unanimously voted to evict the therapist. He sat down with host Julie Chen Moonves to watch his goodbye messages, discuss his gameplay, and more. Does he want to continue a relationship with Bella after the show? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Fourth Juror
Nick Macaroni, Isabella Wang, David Alexander, Analyse Talvera; L_R top row: Cliff Hogg, Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, Sam Smith | Monty Brinton/CBS

Did ‘Big Brother 21’ Nick play all sides of the house?

Moonves first asked Nick if he was playing all sides of the house as Christie alleged. He admitted he had good working and personal relationships with everyone, but they all knew what he was doing and where his loyalties lay.

Nick said he “linked up” with Cliff and Nicole after Gr8ful kicked him and Bella out of the alliance. Then, after his girlfriend went home, he won the Counting Sheep Veto Competition and Tommy and Analyse wanted to work with him again.

Therefore, he ended up having good relationships with both sides of the house, which would have propelled him to the end had Christie not blown up his game. Despite having other allies, he called Nicole his “ride or die” because of her unwavering loyalty to him.

Even when he campaigned to Jackson and Holly to keep him in the house, the therapist admitted he would nominate either of the two over Nicole.

Nick on America’s Prankster and relationship with Bella

Nick believes America voted him to be the Prankster because they knew he didn’t deserve to have Christie expose his game. The therapist continued and explained it was unfair that Christie made the “great, but dirty move” as a last-ditch effort to avoid eviction.

When Moonves asked Nick why he told everyone he was the Prankster, he said he initially shared it with Jackson to show loyalty. Then, he wanted others to know that he didn’t put them up when he could have, so the therapist expected their votes in return.

However, Tommy already promised his vote to Christie, and Cliff and Nicole didn’t want to vote against Holly’s wishes. Of course, Moonves asked him about his showmance with Bella because the two told each other they loved each other after 29 days.

Nick said the two already agreed not to do long distance as she lives in Los Angeles and he lives in New Jersey. However, he said he wants to see where things go and “will always have love for her,” even if things don’t work out between them.

‘Big Brother 21’ Nick hears his goodbye messages

For his first video message, Tommy shouted out Nick’s “Hail Caesar” bowl hair cut, and said he wanted to save him but had to follow through on his word. Jessica said he had a “charm” about him, but she saw right through it, so she’s glad he’s gone.

Then, Christie left him a message saying he had “too many people wrapped around his finger,” and she’ll see him in New Jersey. Nicole and Cliff both said in their videos that they wanted to keep him, but couldn’t vote against the house and apologized.

In Holly’s message, she said she hopes Nick can respect her game move, and Jackson admitted to the therapist that keeping him in the house wasn’t best for his overall game. However, all the Houseguests except for Jessica and Cliff told Nick they loved him and want to hang out with him after the show.

Nick claimed he loved them all except for Christie because she made so many things personal. He ended the interview by saying he would let everyone in Jury know about Christie’s dirty gameplay, so she won’t have their votes if she makes it to the end.

Who will be the next Houseguest to join Nick in The Jury? Watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.