Why ‘Big Brother 21’ Nicole Should Win America’s Favorite Houseguest

Nicole came into Big Brother 21 as an underdog with a hilarious dance. Initially, she seemed to be a part of the “outsiders,” anyone who wasn’t in Unde9able, and a floater whose likability kept her from being nominated.

The preschool aide won her first Head of Household competition during the double eviction and sent one of the biggest threats left in the game, Christie, home. Even though she’s not a competition beast, Nicole had a great social game and one of the only Houseguests who always thought about Jury Management.

Additionally, she was the deciding vote in several eliminations, including Nick, Tommy, and Jessica. Nicole also could have won the entire competition, but she trusted Cliff who only thought about himself.

The preschool aide is well-liked online by the majority of fans and several former BB houseguests including Paul Abrahamian and Dick Donato. Therefore, the preschool aide should win America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Nicole Big Brother 21
Nicole Anthony | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Nicole’s mark on ‘Big Brother 21’ so far

The preschool aide entered the Big Brother house with Tommy, Kathryn, and Jack, with the plan to view the house as her classroom and adapt to her “students” weekly. Nicole also wanted to focus on creating a strong social game, as she knew she wouldn’t be a competition beast.

Early in the game, she made a Final Two with Cliff and became very close to Ovi and Kemi. However, all three were sent to Camp Comeback, with only the Hoggfather winning the battle-back competition to return to the game.

Eventually, Six Shooters, the leading alliance in the house, imploded and Nicole formed Cliff’s Angels with the petroleum engineer, Kat, and Jessica to become the next significant force in the house.

Jessica won HOH, and they took out a huge target, Jack, but the group ended up losing Kat soon afterward. Then, Jackson approached Cliff and Nicole with a Final Four alliance, that they shook on, and Nicole won her first HOH during the double eviction.

She chose to remain loyal to Jackson and Holly, and nominated the other pair, Christie and Tommy for eviction, instead of the showmance. The boutique owner ended up joining The Jury, and then Jackson chose Cliff and Tommy as the next nominees.

Nicole won the Power of Veto, saved Cliff which put Holly on the block by default, and then made the crucial mistake of sending the Broadway dancer home instead of Holly.

Cliff ruined Nicole’s game

Initially, Nicole promised Jackson and Holly that there was “no funny business” going on and she would send Tommy home as they planned. However, she started thinking about it more and realized how huge it would be to break up another pair, especially one as strong as Jackson and Holly.

Then, Tommy promised he would throw the HOH to Cliff or Nicole and gun for the veto so he could send Jackson home. Cliff and Nicole began to considerate it, and once Jackson found out the two were thinking about flipping on their deal, he pulled out a last-ditch effort.

The server eavesdropped on their conversation and then used the information to attempt to paint Tommy as a liar. However, Nicole saw through Jackson’s lie, especially when he used BB20 Brett iconic line, “own it” and they still wanted to keep Tommy.

Until only minutes before Cliff and Nicole cast their votes to evict, Cliff made a deal with Holly for her to throw the HOH and another agreement with Jackson for him to take them to Final Three over Holly.

Cliff only wanted to keep Holly because he’s closer to them and believes they would take him to the next step, whereas Tommy would most likely choose Nicole over him.

Additionally, when he plead his case to Jackson, Cliff threw his friend under the bus several times, claiming it was her who tried to keep Tommy and he wanted to stick to their deal and keep Holly.

Had Nicole “trusted her gut” more than Cliff, she would be in the Final Three with a clear shot to win. Will Nicole win America’s Favorite Houseguest or the whole show? Watch the finale tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.