‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feed Spoiler: Will Nicole and Cliff Break Their Final Four Deal?

Around three weeks ago, Nicole, Cliff, Jackson, and Holly, all shook hands on a final four deal. So far, Jackson and Holly have dominated the past three weeks with back-to-back Head of Household wins, and they protected Cliff and Nicole every time.

However, Jackson and Holly are the strongest competitors, and it would be a huge move to break up the power couple. Would Nicole and Cliff consider turning on their final four deal with the showmance? Keep reading to find out.

*SPOILER ALERT* This article contains information not yet broadcasted including the Head of Household and BB Comics Veto winner.

Big Brother 21 Cliff Nicole
Cliff Hogg | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Nicole won the ‘Big Brother 21’ BB Comics Veto Competition

After Live Feeders were left with nothing to watch for around five hours, the feeds returned, showing Nicole wearing the Power of Veto necklace. According to the other Houseguests, she had a record-breaking time of ten minutes and 58 seconds, almost four minutes faster than anyone else.

Cliff approached Nicole in private and hugged the preschool aide, repeatedly telling her how proud he was of her. They then went into the storage room for a celebratory dance and told the cameras that win was dedicated to Ovi, their other Fellowship of the Zing alliance member.

‘Big Brother 21’ showmance Jackson and Holly get paranoid

While Cliff and Nicole celebrated downstairs, Jackson had a frank conversation with Holly about what Nicole’s win could mean for them. He explained Nicole would most likely use the Veto on Cliff, and Jackson would have to nominate Holly as the replacement.

Therefore, Holly and Tommy would be the new nominees with Cliff and Nicole as the only ones casting a vote to evict. Jackson continued, saying there is a chance that the two could use the opportunity to send Holly to Jury and take a shot at him next week, as he cannot play in the Head of Household competition.

The server finished his speech by telling Holly if Cliff and Nicole were smart they would do it because it would further their game. The pageant beauty got upset and admitted she didn’t even try to win the competition because that scenario never crossed her mind.

Jackson tried to assure Holly everything would be okay because he didn’t think they would do that to them, especially after they’ve kept them safe. However, Holly asked several times if Jackson would ask Nicole not to use the Veto.

Instead, they went into the RV room, and Nicole almost immediately reassured them that even though she will use the Veto on Cliff, she will not go back on their deal.

Nicole and Cliff consider breaking their final four deal

Later that night, Cliff and Nicole talked in the RV room, and she explored the possibility of keeping Tommy over Holly. However, Cliff is concerned about losing Jackson and Holly’s Jury vote if they double-cross them. The two dropped the conversation, but Nicole dived deeper when she was alone with the cameras at 3 a.m.

While understands the benefits of breaking up power couple Jackson and Holly, she doesn’t think Tommy will target Jackson if he won Power of Veto. Then, their plan would backfire, and either she or Cliff would go home next week. Nicole finally decided to stop overthinking the situation and said she would talk to Tommy about it later.

Should ‘Big Brother 21’ Nicole and Cliff flip?

Keeping Tommy over Holly is smarter for Nicole and Cliff’s game and multiplies their chances of winning. For example, the remaining competitions are mainly mental and memory competitions, where Jackson tends not to perform well.

If the server does not win the PoV, he joins the Jury next, and Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole are in the top three. Those competitions are usually memory, and Tommy hasn’t done well in the previous memory competitions.

Therefore, Cliff and Nicole could make it Final Two much easier if they voted Holly out over Tommy because Holly is a vote for Jackson and another person to win the Veto for him.

However, there’s always a chance something could go wrong. Additionally, Nicole has admitted the majority of her decisions are based on what feels right to her, and with Jackson sharing his HoH with her, it will definitely make it harder.

But, if she and Cliff double-cross the showmance and either of them makes it to the end, that move will earn them Jury votes. Can Nicole and Cliff break their final four deal with Jackson and Holly? Watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.