‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feeds Spoiler: Will Nicole Flip On Cliff and Keep Jessica Instead?

After being irritated with Jackson for the past forty days, Christie is finally ready to make a move and get the strongest competitor out of the game. With Jessica and Cliff currently on the block, Christie and Tommy want to flip the vote and save Jessica, sending one of Jackson and Holly’s closest ally to The Jury House.

To send Cliff packing, the boutique owner and the Broadway dancer must convince Nicole to flip on the petroleum engineer, someone she refers to as her “ride or die.” Here’s how the two are planning to pull it off.

Big Brother 21 Nicole flip
Nicole Alexander | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Christie tried to turn Nicole against Jackson and Holly on ‘Big Brother 21’ Live Feeds

Before Christie entered the RV room, Nicole sat in there alone talking to the cameras. She said she couldn’t vote against Cliff because she’s been close to him for longer than Jessica. Additionally, the plus-sized model told Nicole she never questioned her, even though Jessica questioned her last week regarding her loyalty to Nick.

Shortly after, Christie walked in and told Nicole that she wanted Jackson out ever since Day 31 when she said he bullied her into using her Panic Power, even though the boutique owner already told him she would.

Lately, she’s been annoyed with the server because he puts his dirty plates in the sink while she’s doing dishes and then walks away, and he beats her at backgammon. Additionally, Jackson told her he would not break a tie, so she needed to vote the way he wanted, which Christie didn’t appreciate.

Nonetheless, the boutique owner said she would be Jackson’s “b***h” until she wins Head of Household and finally holds power. Holly and Jess then entered the RV room, ending Christie and Nicole’s conversation.

‘Big Brother 21’ Christie and Tommy shared information

The boutique owner then privately talked to Tommy and notified him that they needed to convince Nicole that they are not working with Jackson and Holly. Christie explained that Nicole is scared because she’s been safe for the three weeks Jackson and Holly have been in power, so she’s along for the ride.

Christie continued filling the Broadway dancer in, saying she wanted Cliff out of the house and every time she attempts to talk to Nicole privately, they’re always interrupted. Finally, Tommy advised Christie to lay low and wash dishes, so they don’t become a target. Then, Christie went back to Nicole to give her more ammunition to change her Final Four.

‘Big Brother 21’ Christie wants Nicole to flip on Cliff

A couple of hours after initially talking, Christie and Nicole reconvened. The boutique owner began by saying she believes Cliff is a lot closer to Jackson then they lead on, and thinks he’s a part of several of Jackson and Holly’s decisions.

Additionally, she said she’s noticed Jackson and Cliff go off and talk, and then time their exits from the room so no one will see them together. However, Nicole said she trusts that Cliff is a smart man and knows he will not make it to the end with Jackson and Holly.

Christie then told Nicole she would go after the powerful showmance this week because only one can play. She continued explaining saying she would throw the Head of Household competition to either her or Cliff if she knew for sure they would target the couple.

Nicole suggested that Christie notify the petroleum engineer of her plan. However, Christie claimed it’s almost impossible to talk to Cliff alone because Jackson and Holly “keep tabs” on her.

She concluded their conversation by explaining that if Cliff made it to the end, he would win over them. Therefore, the boutique owner said they need Jackson, Holly, and Cliff evicted because none of them stand a chance with those three in the game.

Nicole said she would talk to Cliff, and Christie promised she and Tommy would vote whichever way she decided. Will Nicole flip on Cliff and keep Jessica? Watch Big Brother Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.