‘Big Brother 21’ Spoiler: Who Won the Hide-and-Go Veto Competition?

Last week in Big Brother 21, Holly won Head of Household and host Julie Chen Moonves announced the start of Prank Week. As part of the twist, America had the task of voting someone to be a Prankster, who would pick one of her nominations for her.

Because America wanted mass chaos, they voted Nick as the Prankster, and he nominated Christie while Holly selected him for eviction. Cliff, Tommy, and Nicole didn’t want to break their word and unanimously sent the therapist to Jury.

Then, the Houseguests faced off in the fan-favorite wall competition to determine the HoH. Jackson won, and he chose mental threats, Jessica and Christie. Today, the Houseguests, minus Holly, played in the Veto Competition to save either nominee or keep nominations the same.

Who won? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Hide and Go Veto
Analyst Talvera, Cliff Hogg, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony, Holly Alexander and Jack Matthews | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Who won Head of Household after Holly’s reign?

For the HoH competition, the Houseguests had to hold on to a wall for dear life amid rain, ghost boulders hitting them square in the chest, and smoke blasting from behind to distract them.

The title came down to Jackson and Tommy, and the server pulled out the win, keeping him and Holly in power for another week. However, his move could have put a bigger target on his back as everyone already knows he is a competition beast.

Even so, Jackson claimed he had to go for the win because he believed the wall competition was the last physical one he would see before the memory competitions began.

Who did Jackson nominate before the Hide-and-Go Veto Competition?

Fearing the upcoming mental competitions, Jackson told Cliff he wanted to nominate Christie and Jessica, with the plus-sized model as his intended target. He notified Christie of his plan while she showered, and assured the nervous boutique owner that she was only a pawn.

However, he wanted to figure out how to break the news to Jessica so she wouldn’t flip out on him. Therefore, the server decided to compliment her on her past mental competition win and used that as a reason to nominate her.

Even though she didn’t believe Jackson’s excuse for putting her on the block, the plus-sized model took the news gracefully until she broke down later that night to Christie. Jessica admitted she used to be the last kid picked back in grade school, and entered the show to prove people her side could succeed at the game.

Who won the ‘Big Brother 21’ Hide-and-Go Veto Competition?

Head of Household Jackson and his nominees, Christie and Jessica, played in the Veto alongside Cliff and Nicole. Therefore, Holly is the only Houseguest sitting out, and Nicole finally got to play a Veto Competition. After five hours, the Live Feeds finally returned to reveal a trashed Big Brother house, showing viewers they played the fan-favorite Hide-and-Go Veto.

Tommy won the Power of Veto and, it’s hard to say if he will use it on Christie or not. He already spoke with Jackson who said Cliff would be the replacement nominee and they agreed that a woman should go home this week.

However, Christie already revealed to Jessica that she suspects Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole are working together. Therefore, she may want Tommy to save her so they don’t risk anything.

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