‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 30 Spoilers: Who Did the Head of Household Nominate?

Previously in Big Brother 21, Holly won Head of Household and kicked off Prank Week. As part of the twist, America voted for a Prankster to prank Holly’s HoH duties by choosing one of her nominations. She selected Nick and America’s Prankster nominated Christie for eviction.

Then, the Houseguests faced off in the Free the Zing Veto Competition, where Jackson freed Zingbot from jail the fastest, winning his second Veto in a row. Because he wanted to respect Holly’s wishes as HoH, Jackson kept nominations the same.

Even though Nick, also America’s Prankster, gave a convincing pitch to Jackson and Holly in exchange for another week of safety, the house unanimously voted to evict the therapist. After the Live Eviction, the Houseguests competed for the HoH title in the fan-favorite wall competition.

Jackson pulled out the win, keeping the showmance in power for another week. Who did Jackson nominate for eviction? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Jackson Head of Household
Tommy Bracco and Jessica Milagros on Big Brother 21 | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Who did ‘Big Brother 21’ HoH Jackson nominate?

Jackson selected Christie and Jessica for eviction with the plus-sized model as his intended target. Almost immediately after he won HoH, he notified an unwilling Christie of his plan while she showered, and assured the boutique owner she was safe.

Afterward, he informed Cliff of his potential nominees, and the petroleum engineer volunteered to be a pawn if one came off the block with the Power of Veto. The following day, as the Houseguests woke up, they filed into Jackson’s room to talk game with the server.

First, Cliff and Jackson brainstormed about how he would handle telling both girls about their nomination to avoid upsetting them. They agreed that he wouldn’t use her plan to nominate guys as a reason to put Jessica up because he doesn’t want to make it “a guy/girl thing.”

Therefore, they decide Jackson should tell them he’s nominating them because they are both good at mental competitions, and he doesn’t want to compete against them later.

Head of Household Jackson told his nominees before the ceremony

Then, Christie entered, and he reiterated that Jess was his target because she got nervous about being on the block for the fourth time in a row. Afterward, Tommy came into the HoH room and the boutique owner left because she didn’t want the four of them to be seen together.

Even though Tommy and Christie both asked Jackson a few times, he was cautious about mentioning his working relationship with Cliff. He also didn’t answer the question when they asked him if he would vote to evict Cliff over Christie.

However, once Christie left the room, Jackson gently advised the Broadway dancer against using the Power of Veto because Cliff will go up and women already outnumber the men. Finally, Jackson broke the news to Jessica that she will be one of his nominations.

He explained how great she performed during the mental Head of Household competition she won, and how that scares him moving forward. Although she didn’t think she was a threat, Jessica respected the server’s decision and took the news easier than he expected.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will they use it on Christie or Jess? Watch Big Brother Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS!