‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 31 Spoiler: Did The Veto Competition Winner Save Jessica Or Christie From Eviction?

After Nick joined The Jury, Prank Week concluded, and the Houseguests competed in another Head of Household competition. Jackson is the new HoH, and he nominated Christie and Jessica for eviction.

The Houseguests then competed in a Veto Competition for safety. Did the Power of Veto save either from eviction? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Episode 31
Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony, and Kemi Faknule. L-R back row: Kathryn Dunn, Ovi Kabir, Holly Alexander, Jack Matthews | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

‘Big Brother 21’ wall competition winner

The Houseguests faced-off in the fan-favorite wall competition to decide the new Head of Household. They had to hold on to a wall while dealing with ghost boulders hitting them, smoke blasting from behind them, and rain pelting them.

Jessica hilariously fell first, followed by Cliff, Christie, and Nicole leaving Jackson and Tommy still on the wall. The Broadway dancer lost his grip first, and Jackson pulled out his second Head of Household win, putting him and Holly in control for the third week in a row.

Almost immediately, he knew he wanted to nominate his two biggest mental threats, Christie and Jessica. He notified the boutique owner of his plan while she showered, but assured her he wanted the plus-sized model out of the house.

Even though Christie has her suspicions that Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole are working together, she decided to play nice and not get upset over the situation.

Jackson then explained to Jessica that he had to nominate her because of her ability to win mental competitions. Not entirely buying Jackosn’s excuse, she still smiled in his face and accepted the news with grace.

‘Big Brother 21’ Hide-And-Go veto competition winner

All the Houseguests except for Holly participated in the legendary Hide-And-Go Veto competition where everyone first hid a veto card. Then, the Houseguests are allowed in the house one by one to completely trash it looking for the cards.

Finally, the contestant’s card that doesn’t get found will win the Power of Veto. Jessica hid hers under a bed, Jackson and Nicole put theirs under the logs in the living room, and Cliff hid his in a drawer in the bathroom.

No one found Tommy’s card, which he stuffed in the round bed mattress. Therefore, Tommy won the Power of Veto, ending Jackson’s two-week win streak.

Did Tommy use the Veto on Christie or Jessica?

Of course, Tommy went to Jackson to run his plan by him and guaranteed the Head of Household that he would still vote to evict Jessica. Even though Jackson would rather Tommy not use the Veto, he said it was fine as long as Jackson didn’t have to break a tie because he is concerned about jury votes.

Tommy also went to Jessica and told her he would probably save Christie because he wanted to be upfront with her. During the night before the Veto meeting, Nicole told Jessica she had to campaign even though the plus-sized model said she didn’t want to.

The preschool aide helped Jessica with her campaign, and they agreed she should bring up the fact that everyone was in an alliance targeting Jackson and Holly except for her.

Jessica will have to use her campaign against Cliff as Tommy saved his friend off the block, and Jackson nominated the petroleum engineer. She seems to be the only one unaware that Cliff, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly are working together.

If Christie or Tommy give her this information, she could flip the votes and stay in the house. Will Cliff or Jessica become the next Juror? Keep watching Big Brother Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.