‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Who Won the Veto Competition During Holly’s Second Head of Household?

After winning Prank Shot, Holly became Head of Household for a second time, keeping the showmance in power for another week. With the addition of Big Brother twist, Prank Week, America voted for a Prankster to prank Holly’s HoH duties by choosing one of her nominations and a re-nomination if necessary.

The Prankster selected Christie, and Holly chose Nick to place on the chopping block. Then, the Houseguests competed in a Veto Competition to secure their safety. Who won the Power of Veto and will the winner use it to save Christie or Nick? Keep reading to find out.

Big Brother 21 Spoiler Veto Holly
LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 1: Jessica Milagros and Holly Alexander on Big Brother. Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on the CBS Television Network. (Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images)

Who won the Veto Competition?

Besides the nominees and Head of Household, Cliff, Jackson, and Jessica were chosen to play “Free the Zing.” It was similar to the Big Brother 16 Battle of the Block competition where the Houseguests coupled up to get footballs to the receivers by placing the ball on a bar and used chains to guide the ball up the field.

Caleb infamously threw the competition, causing Frankie to compete alone, although he ended up defeating Zack and Donny. Free the Zing was some variation of that, and Jackson won with Nick finishing second.

The Prankster revealed his identity to several Houseguests

Before the competition, Jackson already told Holly that he would honor her Head of Household reign and not change the nominations if he were to win. After he won, Christie almost immediately went to the HoH room and told the couple she threw the competition to prove her loyalty to them.

Although Jackson guaranteed Christie she would not be evicted this week; he also explained that he could not use the Veto on her. A few hours later, Nick told Tommy he’s the Prankster, hoping that he had Tommy’s vote to stay.

However, the broadway dancer informed him that he already promised Christie his vote before he knew the Prankster’s identity. Therefore, he helped him come up with a pitch to Jackson, where he could stay another week.


Nick went to the HoH room and also notified the server that he was the Prankster. He told Jackson that he would take the server and Holly off the block no matter who they were against and offered to be a pawn for them.

Ultimately, he wanted Jackson to use the Veto on Christie so he could nominate someone else. However, the server explained to Nick that he had to win the Veto to secure safety, so his next best option is to talk to Holly.

Will the Veto winner use the power to save Christie or Nick?

When the pageant beauty returned the HoH room, Jackson repeated his conversation with Nick to her and warned her the therapist would make his pitch to her soon.

Holly responded by telling him evicting Nick will be a resume builder after she was also responsible for Sam’s eviction during her first HoH reign. Then, in a weird turn of events, Christie cried in bed to Nick around 1 a.m. PST.

While he tried to comfort her, she admitted she was scared because she knew Jackson was not using the Veto. Nick then told his supposed number one enemy that he’s the Prankster who nominated her.

After hitting him a few times with her headband, she made him “swear in blood” that he wouldn’t target her. The therapist agreed, and Christie said he had to throw the next HoH competition so he could be on the block. However, when Nick asked if she would vote for him to stay, Christie admitted she didn’t want to “ruffle any feathers.”

Before they reached a proper conclusion, Cliff entered the RV room, and they changed the subject. So far, it doesn’t look like Jackson will use the Veto, especially with Holly as the HoH. However, Christie and Nick are known to have a way with their words.

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