The ‘Big Brother 21’ Seventh Juror Sat ‘Comfortably’ With Julie Chen Moonves to Watch Their Goodbye Messages

Cliff, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly have had a Final Four deal since Day 64. Therefore, when it came down to Tommy and Holly on the block, with Cliff and Nicole as the only ones voting, it seemed apparent Tommy would follow Christie out the door.

However, the Broadway dancer offered to throw them the next HOH and then team up to target Jackson, an option Cliff, and Nicole began considering.

Desperate, Jackson eavesdropped on a conversation between the three, heard Tommy repeat the specifics of his deal, and then used it to frame him as a liar.

Unfortunately, Tommy’s background as an actor didn’t work in his favor, and the duo voted to evict the Broadway dancer, making him the seventh Juror.

Tommy then sat down, sitting crisscrossed in the chair, with host Julie Chen Moonves to discuss mainly Christie and watch his goodbye messages. Also, the Broadway dancer explained what he would have done with the money had he won. Keep reading to find out more.

Big Brother 21 Tommy goodbye messages
Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Why did Tommy think Cliff and Nicole decided to evict him?

Tommy believed the duo settled on evicting him because they were more scared of him individually and didn’t want to go back on their word with Jackson and Holly.

He compared his game to Holly’s, saying they both worked alongside bigger targets, on purpose, and communicated in similar ways. Ultimately, he said he respected Cliff and Nicole for not reneging on their Final Four deal with Jackson and Holly.

‘Big Brother 21’ Tommy’s opinions about Christie’s gameplay

Tommy opened up a little more about Christie, explaining the two went to elementary school together before she dated his aunt for seven years. Therefore, when he saw her on the first day, he immediately knew what his gameplay would be.

However, if Christie was not in the house, Tommy said he would have still aligned with a bigger target, probably Jack, and then played a similar game. Moonves asked Tommy if he would have betrayed Christie if it came down to it, and the Broadway dancer admitted he couldn’t.

He reiterated how important family is to him, Christie was considered a part of his family and brought up the situation where he was the deciding factor between Nick and Christie, and he had to keep the boutique owner.

Tommy also stood up for his childhood friend, saying he doesn’t know how she was portrayed, but she did admit she lost herself in the house a few times.

‘Big Brother 21’ Tommy’s goodbye messages

Once the first message came up, Cliff, Tommy immediately teared up. The petroleum engineer and Nicole both apologized but explained they had to adhere to their word.

Jackson also apologized to Tommy, saying he hoped the Broadway dancer could understand that Jackson had no choice but to save Holly. Finally, the pageant beauty promised Tommy that he would always be a close friend.

Of course, being a Big Brother fan, Tommy understood the game moves but admitted the grand prize would have changed his life. He explained that in his profession, the job is the vacation while trying to book gigs is the actual job.

Tommy continued, saying he wanted the money to open a teaching studio, and he could have won, but luck wasn’t on his side. Who will follow Tommy out the door? Keep watching Big Brother 21 Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out.