‘Big Brother 21’: Tommy Reveals Why the Cast Waited to the Last Minute to Campaign

Big Brother 21 had a lot of twists and turns. That’s because some of the houseguests knew each other before the season started. Then there was the fact houseguests were banished and had to fight to return immediately.

The cast also worked differently this season. Many of the eviction nights were unpredictable because they waited to the last minute to campaign. Find out the reason why according to Tommy Bracco and more.

‘Big Brother’ contestants have to campaign to stay in the house

There are many skills you need in order to win the show. One is being good at physical competitions. Another is having a good memory and keeping track of your days in the house. Then there is the skill of having a good social game and that means campaigning.

When houseguests are on the block they either have to make a case to the rest of the house on why they should stay. Or they have to make a case against the other person who is on the block on why they should go.

Not everyone is good at this and end up becoming paranoid that they’ll be voted out, which then makes them a target. Campaigning can be important to do and some people have been tricked to think they don’t need to do it.

Timing of when to approach houseguests when campaigning is also important. This latest season had some unpredictable eviction nights because of how they campaigned.

There were many unpredictable eviction nights

Big Brother 21 had a lot of unexpected eviction nights. That’s because things would come out last minute that would tear apart the house.

One of the biggest examples of this was when Sam Smith was evicted. The truck driver was on the block with Kathyrn Dunn. He almost stayed and took down the Gr8ful Alliance by revealing Christie Murphy wanted Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie out of the house.

All three of them were members of this powerful alliance so there was a huge fight between them. Gr8ful did end up going separate ways but after all that drama Sam was still the one going home.

Tommy said people waited to campaign so the vote didn’t change

Christie Murphy (L) and Tommy Bracco arrive for the "Big Brother" 21 Finale
Christie Murphy (L) and Tommy Bracco arrive for the “Big Brother” 21 Finale Party Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

There were many Thursday evictions that were unpredictable this season. That’s because houseguests wouldn’t campaign until the last minute. Tommy talked about why that was on Rob Has a Podcast’s Big Brother podcast.

“I think it’s really interesting because we wouldn’t start campaigning until late Wednesday night,” said the former houseguest. “The schedule was very different this year I think, this year than previous years. I mean I really can’t say that for sure, but we really pushed off campaigning until the last possible second.”

He then said, “It was very last minute on purpose.” That’s because “the more time that there was for things to marinate, the more chance that it would change. So that’s why people would just put things off.”

That’s definitely one strategy when it comes to campaigning. Fans will have to wait and see if houseguests will follow that next season.