‘Big Brother 21’: What Will Be the Theme of the New Season?

Big Brother 21 will premiere on June 25 so more details are being released. The cast has previously been revealed, but there is also is a theme for each season.

That theme dictates how the house will look and what the competitions will be like for the houseguests. What is the theme for the new season? Here is everything you need to know and more.

The new cast has been announced

There were many rumors around the cast before it was announced. Some wondered if it would be an all-star season. Or if a random veteran will be thrown into a new cast.

Neither of those things happened and fans seem to be happy about it. The cast is completely new and somewhat diverse.

The cast includes Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, Cliff Hogg III, David Alexander, Holly Allen, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Jessica Milagros, Kathyrn Dunn, Kemi Faknule, Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony, Ovi Kabir,
Isabella Wang, Sam Smith, and Tommy Bracco. They will be competing for

It wasn’t announced what the theme would be although there were some hints in promos. Julie Chen previously posted a picture of her sitting in the grass in shorts and a sweater. It turns out that setting is right on theme for what will happen this season.

The theme reportedly is The Great Outdoors

Julie Chen hosts "Big Brother" celebrating it's 20th season
Julie Chen hosts “Big Brother” celebrating it’s 20th season | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Every season tends to have a theme for the competitions and house. Season 20’s theme was centered on technology. There were special apps houseguests could be given by voters to give them an advantage. Then there was a twist that someone can become a hacker which can change one nomination, pick a veto player, and stop an eviction.

Season 21 will go down another route. Some of the challenges on Big Brother has recreated the outdoors. Now it looks like there will be more of that this season.

TV Guide revealed that the new season will be the great outdoors themed. A fan tweeted a picture of the article about it claiming the first competition will have houseguests be in the dark fighting to get to through a forest in the backyard to camp.

It looks like some of the obstacles will include a sticky pit modeled after honey, traveling through rivers of water, and logs. This might remind fans of other timed obstacles done in the dark from previous seasons.

Another fan replied to the tweet with, “That’s why the keys are wooden.” The house for Season 21 has yet to be relieved, but chances are it will also include wood decorations to go with the outdoorsy theme.

A new promo includes the theme

A new promo shows the Big Brother cast dancing. Several cast members are wearing hats, one of them is wearing a fanny pack. A few other contestants look ready for the pool dancing with flotation flamingos and a duck. It then ends with beach balls.

Julie Chen is back as the host of the competition show. Jeff Schroeder from Seasons 11, 12, and 13 will interview the cast throughout the season.