‘Big Brother 21’: When Will There Be a Double Eviction and Who Are Fans Hoping Will Be Evicted?

There are some things that are expected on Big Brother. One is that Zingbot will come to the house to zing the houseguests. Another is that there will be a double eviction night.

When will there be a double eviction this season? Who do fans want to be evicted together? Here is everything you need to know. Spoilers for episode 29!

Another houseguest was evicted from the house

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This last week of Big Brother was another face off between Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy. Christie was previously a target in the house, but that all changed on taco Tuesday.

She put his game on blast by pointing out that he is working with everyone in the house. Christie also made a deal with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie that she would go on the block as a pawn. It worked and Analyse Talavera was evicted instead of her.

This week Christie continued to have Nick as her target. He tried to fight to stay in the house and he got help by becoming the prankster. Nick was able to put Christie on the block even though it was Holly’s week to be Head of Household.

Sadly for him, he wasn’t able to get the votes. He was evicted and Christie survived the block once again.

Double Eviction will be Thursday, Sept. 5

Nicole Anthony on 'Big Brother'
Nicole Anthony on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Julie Chen Moonves announced that Sunday will reveal the new HOH, Wednesday will show the Power of Veto competition, and Thursday will be double eviction night.

This night is when a whole week of Big Brother plays out. A second person will be leaving the Big Brother house.

The show left off with Jackson, Holly, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III being in an alliance. Tommy Bracco and Christie are still working together because of their history outside of the house. Jessica Milagros has been floating along.

Fans are hoping Tommy and Christie will be evicted

Fans are still rooting against Christie and Tommy Bracco. Many tweeted that they’re hoping they will leave the Big Brother house together on the same night.

This is mostly because many fans believe they had an unfair advantage. That’s because they knew each other before the show.

Fans noticed this before the show because Tommy had a group picture with Christie on his Instagram page. It was from Thanksgiving in 2015 and caption read, “I LOVE MY FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!”

Christie dated Tommy’s aunt. “I did date someone from Tommy’s family, and things didn’t end that great. So I just really hope that anything from the past or any baggage doesn’t affect our game going forward,” she admitted on the show.

“Any strategy that I had coming into this game has completely gotten thrown out the window now,” Tommy said. “But I’m praying that this will be a blessing and not a curse. I know we can work together and be a great team moving forward.”

They have managed to keep their past a secret from the rest of the house. Also, they have been keeping each other safe. Fans will have to wait and see if they’ll get what they want on Thursday.