‘Big Brother 21’: Why Christie and Tommy’s Alliance Could End This Week

Tommy and Christie had a strong alliance for most of the season of Big Brother 21. That is now threatened with Jackson being Head of Household (HOH.) Find out why Tommy and Christie’s alliance could be over soon.

Tommy and Christie knew each other before Big Brother 21

Tommy Bracco on 'Big Brother'
Tommy Bracco on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS

Fans figured out before the season premiere that Christie and Tommy knew each other before the show. Christie dated Tommy’s aunt and there were photos of them together on Instagram.

One photo on his account was a group picture that included both of them from Thanksgiving 2015. He captioned it with, “I LOVE MY FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!”

Julie Chen mentioned that some houseguests may know each other in the premiere. However, Tommy and Christie have managed to keep it secret so far.

They changed their strategy to work together

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Both Tommy and Christie seemed very surprised to see each other in the premiere. They played it cool with the rest of the house but talked about their connection in the diary room (DR).

“I did date someone from Tommy’s family, and things didn’t end that great. So I just really hope that anything from the past or any baggage doesn’t affect our game going forward,” Christie said.

“Any strategy that I had coming into this game has completely gotten thrown out the window now,” Tommy said in the DR. “But I’m praying that this will be a blessing and not a curse. I know we can work together and be a great team moving forward.”

He added, “I’m just hoping my family’s going to be okay with it. That they’re going to understand where I’m coming from and know that this is what I gotta do to do well in this game.”

Tommy said he might let Christie go this week

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Christie was weirdly tipping the rest of the house off on how close she lives to Tommy. She mentioned that they live less than nine exits away from each other in episode 24.

Tommy wasn’t a fan of this. “Oh Christie, tell them my address while you’re at it. Why not?” he said in the DR. He pretended to be surprised when she said they live three exits away from each other.

“Are you forgetting we don’t want anyone else to know that we know each other? Just stop talking please!” Tommy said in his interview. They joked about knowing each other in order to throw the rest of the houseguests off.

Their secret getting out isn’t the only threat to their alliance. Jackson still wants Christie out of the house. He might get his way since he won HOH and put Christie and Analyse on the block.

“My two closest allies are on the block next to each other. Yikes!” said Tommy in the DR in episode 24. “I may have to give up on Christie because if I fight too hard for her after having to use a veto on her last week it’s gonna show my cards.”

“If it’s her time to go then she’s gotta go and I don’t want that, but I don’t see another way out of this unless she wins that veto,” he continued.

Fans will have to wait and see if Tommy and Christie will make it another week, or if their alliance is officially over.