‘Big Brother 21’: Why Cliff Didn’t Tell the Rest of the House About Tommy and Christie Knowing Each Other

The latest season of Big Brother was filled with controversy. One of them was that some houseguests knew each other before the season started.

Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy knew each other. Cliff Hogg III actually knew this and decided to not to tell the rest of the house. Find out why and more about this season.

Tommy and Christie knew each other before ‘Big Brother 21’

Fans knew Tommy and Christie knew each other before Big Brother 21 premiered because of their social media. There was a picture on Tommy’s Instagram of a group photo with Christie in it.

It was captioned, “I LOVE MY FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!” and it was taken from Thanksgiving in 2015. Christie actually dated his aunt and that’s why she was celebrating the holiday with them.

Tommy and Christie decided to keep their past a secret from the other houseguests and work together. This led to a discussion on whether they had an unfair advantage.

Fans tried to tell the house that Tommy and Christie knew each other

Some fans were really angry about Tommy and Christie having the advantage of knowing each other before the show. Someone played a clip of them talking about their relationship before the show on a loud speaker around the house to warn the houseguests.

This actually led to a lock down. It looked like most of the houseguests didn’t really know what the speaker said so it didn’t change anything. We also didn’t get to see any of this on the show.

Later the jury found out about Tommy and Christie’s connection. It turns out, some houseguests did hear it but didn’t do anything about it.

Cliff was mad someone tried to interfere with the show

Cliff Hogg III arrives for the 'Big Brother' 21
Cliff Hogg III arrives for the ‘Big Brother’ 21 | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

“Nicole and I were both out there as was Tommy and we heard some things mentioned and we did hear it,” admitted Cliff on Rob Has a Podcast. “It made me mad. We went into lock down and I was very upset that there were outside forces trying to interfere with the integrity of the game, tamper with it.”

He continued to talk about his feelings about the situation. “It made me real mad,” the former contestant said. “It’s like a family getting attacked from someone outside. That you feel like you need to pull together.”

Cliff then revealed that he made a promise to Tommy. “Nicole and I both went to Tommy and said, ‘Look we are not going to say anything about this to any of the other houseguests. We won’t say a word about it. We’re not going to let it affect our game or our decision making at all. We’re going to pretend like it never happened.'”

He continued, “And we did that throughout the whole game. I never said a word to anyone until the whole thing was wrapped up.”

Cliff added that he didn’t know if the claim was true. Tommy did eventually admit that he knew Christie. It’s pretty surprising all of this didn’t change the game. In the end, none of them won knowing this information.