‘Big Brother 21’: Why Jackson’s Interactions with the Female Houseguests Might Tank His Game

There is a majority alliance that has been running Big Brother 21 so far. However, the Six Shooters alliance might break because the women in the house are starting to get tired of Jackson Michie. Find out what they have to say and how he could be a target soon.

Jackson Michie got into a bad argument with Kathryn Dunn

Jackson Michie on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Getty Images/Monty Brinton/CBS

Michie and Kathryn Dunn started the season by getting into a showmance. However, it was shortlived because Michie broke up with her. It doesn’t look like they’ve been getting along after that.

In the July 28 episode, they are both seen having a heated argument. “Have some respect for me the way I’ve had it for you,” he told Dunn on Day 26. She starts to cry saying “I do.” He then interrupts her with “OK, I hope so. I hope you’re being honest with me because I’d really hate to get out of here and see that you’re talking behind my back.”

“I don’t talk about anyone behind their back here,” Dunn said while sobbing. “So yeah I did say you run your mouth and that’s where it came it from,” added Michie.

He was also seen getting mad at Dunn in other moments. This led to Dunn wanting to make sure he didn’t beat her in the HOH competition.

“I want to win this HOH, but more than anything I don’t want Michie the satisfaction of beating me. And when I do win HOH I’m gonna use the power to backdoor him. I think he’s rude and he doesn’t treat me with respect. It’s been brewing for the entire season.”

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Neither of them won. Dunn isn’t the only one that is fed up with how Michie has been acting.

Christie Murphy said she would take a shot at Michie

Six Shooters might not stay together for much longer. That’s because a member of the alliance talked about turning on Michie.

“I want to win this HOH more than any HOH in the past. A few nights ago Nick [Maccarone] drops a line to myself saying Christie mentioned that she would take a shot at me,” said Michie on the show.

A clip was then shown of Murphy saying, “I would gladly take out Michie. I do not like the way he talks to people. I don’t like the way he talks to women, the way he talks to me.” She told all of this to Maccarone who was later seen telling this to Michie.

Some fear he’ll take over Holly Allen’s HOH

Michie is now in a showmance with Holly Allen. When she won the HOH competition their alliance wasn’t exactly thrilled.

That’s because Allen and Analyse Talavera were the last ones standing. They are both in Six Shooters yet Michie kept interrupting them when they were talking about possibly making a deal.

“I’m just so mad because me, Holly, and Michie are in the same alliance,” said Talavera in the diary room. “It really wouldn’t have mattered to Michie whether I won or whether she won. So it really just ticks me off that he really had to do that!”

Murphy also wasn’t happy with how Michie acted during the competition. She thinks it might be a peek of what’s to come this week.

“My issues with Michie has kind of been building up in regards to how controlling he is and how bossy he is. I feel like he’s going to try to grab the reins and maybe a little overbearing with her nominations and her decisions,” said Murphy.

It sounds like Murphy and Talavera might be ready to push Michie out of their alliance when they get a chance. Dunn isn’t a fan of him either.