‘Big Brother 21’ Winner: Former Houseguests React

It’s official, the Big Brother 21 winner has been announced by Julie Chen. The finale of the reality show saw the crowning of Michie as the jury voted 6 to 3 in his favor over Holly. Although it was a time for celebration, things took a dark turn when some of the houseguests were confronted with controversies that arose through the summer.

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen, host of ‘Big Brother’ / Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Michie gets grilled for racism

After the jury voted for their winner between Michie and Holly, Chen brought up some of the controversies that were discussed online. Michie got called out for showing racist tendencies on the show.

It was in the first activity of the show where the houseguests needed to pick a “camp director” who had to put up four people risking their spot in the house. Michie chose three minorities and an older man, which many people on social media saw as racist.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “This was strictly players against players. “Race, age, religion, gender… none of that ever had anything to do with any decision.”

After Michie was announced as the winner of the game he came out to confetti, something he persistently said he wanted. His face was stoic as he received hugs from his fellow contestants.

Chen gave him the microphone to express how he felt winning Big Brother.

“I did it for my mom, and I did it for my dad. And at the end of the day, what matters more to me than the half-million is that they’re proud of me. I just hope that everything’s alright,” he said.

As the credits rolled on the screen, Michie’s parents went on stage to congratulate him and you can visibly see he tells them, “I’m not a racist.”

Former players react on Twitter

Following the somber win from Michie after he’s told he was seen as a racist, reactions of people watching poured in. Former players of the Big Brother game tweeted out their sentiments about this bizarre last episode.

The legendary Evel Dick has been tweeting throughout the season and he was front and center during the BB21 finale.

“This finale really is terrible,” he wrote in a first tweet. “Jackson is flipping out inside being called a racist on national tv… really f***ed his moment up,” he followed up.

Josh Martinez, who won the game in season 19 wrote: “Say what you want about Michie, he played the game. My prayers go out to him.”

Elena Davies, also from season 19 said, “watching this season of Big Brother was worse than playing Big Brother.”

After Michie came out of the house to confetti, Janelle Pierzina who has been in three seasons of the show called out the winner.

“[Oh my God], what a bitter Betty,” she wrote. “Acting all sullen and hurt. This is so awkward to watch.”

Derrick Levasseur, who won Big Brother 16 had some insightful words for his followers.

Big Brother might be a game, but it’s so much more than that. it shows you what’s really important in life,” he tweeted. “The lesson here? Money doesn’t matter. The way you treat each other as people does. Jackson’s reaction, even after winning the money, exemplifies that.”

‘Big Brother Canada’ also reacts

Peter Brown, who was in the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada, took to social media to comment on the winner.

“Jackson [Michie], who just won $500k, looks like someone just told him watermelons have gone extinct,” he quipped, noting that the contestant loved eating that particular fruit.

Kevin Martin from Big Brother Canada, who didn’t win his first time in the house but won in season 5, also expressed his thoughts on the finale.

“Uncomfortable, euphoric, authentic,” he tweeted. “The most real a finale has ever felt. This is why we got into reality television and I hope the franchise continues this trend.”

The Big Brother game is like no other and it creates a great community. People get emotionally invested with all the participants as they are able to spy on them with the live feeds. Although this season is over, just like the summer, 2020 will see a whole new group of houseguests vying for that grand prize.