‘Big Brother 22’: Where the Alliances Stand Going Into an Important Week 7

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22: All-Stars.]

After the Big Brother basement powers shook up the house, the competitors are determined to win the upcoming Head of Household competition to keep themselves safe. Here are where all the alliances stand going into a crucial Week 7.

Daniele Donato of Huntington Beach, Calif., was evicted from the Big Brother house
Daniele Donato of Huntington Beach, Calif., was evicted from the Big Brother house | Sonja Flemming

Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Dani Donato are in several alliances

Big Brother 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household competition and quickly set himself in a power position moving forward. He made final two pacts with Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, and Memphis Garrett.

Additionally, Memphis invited him into an alliance, The Committee, he created that included them, Dani Donato Briones, Tyler Crispen, Christmas Abbott, and Nicole.

The latter also made a final two agreement with other winner Ian Terry and Dani, her friend in the real world, as well as safety pacts with BB18 co-star Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell.

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Cody, Nicole, and Dani have a final three and four-person alliance with Enzo. The three are also aligned with Nicole’s number one, Ian, in the Four Prime. Enzo has a final two with Christmas, and they aligned with Kevin, who didn’t have a set alliance.

Christmas also secured a final two with Tyler on the first day of the competition. Tyler, Enzo, and Cody then created the only guy’s alliance of the season, titled Triple Thr3at. 

Opposition alliance The House formed in ‘Big Brother 22’ Week 6

Dani won Head of Household for the sixth week and nominated David Alexander and Kevin, the only remaining houseguests who aren’t in one of her alliances. However, David used the Disruptor Power on himself, forcing her to nominate someone else.

She chose ally Tyler Crispen because he messed up her game last week by telling Da’vonne that Dani targeted her. However, she promised him he wouldn’t go home. Da’Vonne then won the Power of Veto, and The Committee attempted to convince her not to use it because they didn’t want Dani to nominate anyone else.

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However, the fan-favorite chose to use it on Kevin after the HOH named several people as her “untouchables.” Dani ended up choosing Ian, upsetting Nicole, who became determined to go against her alliance in an attempt to save her friend.

After watching the majority alliance scramble after she used the veto, outsiders Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David came together and compared notes. Once they realized they are next in line to get picked off, the three formed The House. Da’Vonne then created a final two with Kevin.

Why ‘Big Brother 22’ Week 7 is so important

With Ian and Tyler on the block and Dani as Head of Household, eight houseguests are voting. Currently, three voting Committee members (Memphis, Christmas, and Cody) want to send the former winner out the door.

If The House can gather another vote, likely Nicole’s, and choose to keep Ian, Dani will break the tie. She already told Ian he would break the deadlock in his favor but might not to save face with The Committee.

However, if she made that move, it would expose their alliance, especially since she’s vocalized her disdain for Tyler. If she kept Ian, her alliance would turn on her, relegating her to the minority.

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Regardless of who stays, even if it’s not a tie, both of them would likely target members of The Committee as Tyler has already stated he’s going after Dani. Additionally, Ian has promised he would nominate anyone who voted against him.

Both of them would likely join The House, giving the opposition alliance more numbers. The game would then become more exciting to viewers as the majority alliance has steamrolled the competition so far. Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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