‘Big Brother 22’: As Wall Yellers Try to Turn Season in the Right Direction, CBS Ramps Up Security

With many fans discouraged about how this season of Big Brother is turning out, it seems that the wall yellers are the only ones who can save it. With two confirmed instances where messages were heard by houseguests, CBS is looking to stop all of this by beefing up security.

Nicole Franzel on 'Big Brother'
Nicole Franzel on ‘Big Brother’ | CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

The wall yellers have become the real stars of ‘Big Brother 22’

Upset with how the season is going so far, a lot of fans have been taking things into their own hands by physically going to the CBS lot where the show films to feed information to houseguests. The houseguests can vaguely hear what is said when they are sitting in the backyard. The first message was about fan-favorite Janelle Pierzina. It is not exactly clear what was said, but a person on a Reddit alleges that they said, “F**k Nicole get her out,” as well as Janelle is to be trusted.”

The most notable thing that the wall yellers have done so far is trying to tip of houseguests about Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore. The former winner and runner-up have been running most of the game and have been in multiple alliances across the house. Another wall yeller took to Twitter, posting a message of them with a bullhorn outside the lot the house is on. The wall yeller said that they wanted to ruin someone’s game, and former winner Dick Donato told them to say “Nicole and Cody are playing you all.”

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The wall yeller then broadcast the message, which was heard by Christmas Abbott, Kaysar Ridha, and Memphis Garrett while sitting outside.

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On social media, many fans have been asking wall yellers to return, especially to get Da’Vonne Rogers, Kevin Campbell, and David Alexander to realize how much on the outs they are and why it is imperative that they work together.

How CBS is trying to curb the wall yelling

CBS is looking to put a stop to the wall yellers, or at least make it harder for them to get access to the house. Now, they increasing security for the house.

TMZ reports that CBS security and the Los Angeles Police Department were set to watch fans, but CBS brought in a private security firm because things weren’t getting any better. The outlet reports, “Our sources say security got into a foot pursuit with a male fan who attempted to scale a studio fence, but the guy ended up getting away after jumping into a getaway car.”

Their report also states that the fans that have been trying to give information to houseguests have been in their 40s, a stark contrast the young fans that people on social media believe have been going out there.

With all of this happening, LAPD is allegedly going to have an increased presence to keep a look out at the area where the fans have been gathering. There was also a social media rumor that fans were going to use a drone to fly a banner over the backyard, but sources told TMZ that only the fans yelling messages are a problem so far.

Big Brother airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.