‘Big Brother 23’ Early Favorite Gets a Big Advantage in the Game

Big Brother 23 promised there will be many offers made throughout the season. However, all of them have been turned down until now. An early favorite got a big advantage in the game and fans shared their reactions on that choice.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 episode that aired on Aug. 1!]

‘Big Brother’ made new targets for week 4

Julie Chen smiles wearing a black and white dress on the set of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen smiles wearing a black and white dress on the set of ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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The Aug. 1 episode started with Christian Birkenberger winning the Head of Household (HOH) competition. That means he’s safe along with his team (Xavier Prather, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Alyssa Lopez).

They soon talked about who their next target should be. Sarah Beth pushed hard that it should be Hannah Chaddha because she’s smart and no one seems to be going after her. But other members of the team mentioned going after Whitney Williams.

This discussion happened before the Wildcard Competition. They decided to wait and see what happens before making a solid decision on the nominations.

‘Big Brother 23’ early favorite gets a big advantage in the game

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Azah Awasum, Whitney, and Claire Rehfuss, competed in the Wildcard Competition. This was Whitney’s chance to get safety, and that would ruin the big plan. Azah was also a backup option for the block, so that could affect the week. Claire is in the Royal Flush Alliance and wanted to win it to make sure only people outside of the alliance could go on the block.

The competition had the houseguests move a ball across a moving platform. The lights also would turn off on them. Claire managed to win the competition. She chose between safety for herself and her entire team, Team Queens (Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell) for this week or safety for just herself that guarantees her a spot in jury. The house was shocked by this huge offer.

“There’s two options here right?” Claire said in the diary room. “I could be a team player and get safety for my team and they’ll be super happy this week. Or I could look out for myself and take this individual safety until jury. I’m really going back and forth here. This is a really tough decision to make.”

“I absolutely adored my queens so, so much. I’m gonna take safety for just myself,” she said. Everyone clapped for her. Claire said as a huge Big Brother fan she had to take this deal and it looked like her team was supportive of that.

‘Big Brother’ fans think she made the right decision

Claire is an early favorite given she was a last-minute replacement. Many fans were excited to see her play given she’s a huge fan of Big Brother and talked about wanting to work with other women before the season started.

Fans reacted to the deal in a Reddit thread. It looks like some of them agree that she made the right decision.

“This is really a good advantage. Well at least people need to be nice to Claire for the coming weeks, plus possible alliances,” one fan wrote.

“I’m relieved SOMEONE finally took the wildcard comp offer. Even if it makes Claire a big target later on, can they really hold it against her?” another fan wrote.

“Right decision, her team is going to be safe until jury anyways,” another fan claimed.

The advantage did worry other fans. “That bb Canada girl that had safely till jury and got sent there as soon as her safety was gone. I hope it doesn’t happen cause I love Claire. This just reminded me of that,” one person wrote.

The episode ended with Christian putting Hannah and Whitney on the block. Time will tell if Claire’s safety will ultimately backfire on her.