‘Big Brother’: Dani Briones Says She Was ‘Triggered’ by Kaysar Ridha’s ‘Love Triangle’ Comment

One of the most shocking eviction nights of Big Brother 22 was when Kaysar Ridha made his big speech. He claimed Cody Calafiore was in an alliance with Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel. But Dani was angry by how he phrased it. She talked about being triggered by his comment.

Kaysar Ridha called people out on ‘Big Brother 22’

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Kaysar was on the block next to Christmas Abbott in the game, and he knew he was going to be evicted. He took a big swing by calling people out in his eviction speech.

“Cody and Nicole have been running this house since day one and they have a secret alliance that’s going to take them all the way to the end,” he said. He also claimed the guys have an alliance with David Alexander and Tyler Crispen.

“The last alliance, of course, Dani, Nicole, and Cody. Cody finds himself in this love triangle. But no one’s willing to take a shot,” he said.

It was obvious Dani wasn’t happy about this. She called him “tasteless” and “disrespectful” as she voted to evict him. The truth is the two women were working with Cody. Kaysar was evicted with an unanimous vote.

Dani Briones is married to Dominic Briones

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Dani Briones is married to Dominic Briones, who was a houseguests on Big Brother 13. They’ve been married since 2013 and they have a child together named Tennessee.

He was publicly showing her support earlier this season. But some fans started to believe Dani and Cody’s friendship was too close. Dominic responded to this before deleting his Twitter account.

“And while I’m at it….. it’s actually sad that you trolls have obviously never been in a committed, loving relationship. Probably never had a relationship period. But that’s neither here nor there. Dani can stay up chatting with whoever the hell she wants…” he tweeted.

“It’s called trust, and loving someone knowing that the relationship you’ve built is strong. I’ll never be possessive, controlling, or jealous. So stay reaching…. and know I’m not phased. I just feel bad for y’all never knowing what a healthy relationship feels like,” he then tweeted.

She explains why she called him disrespectful

Big Brother 8, Dick Donato (R) and his daughter Danielle Donato attend the "Big Brother Season 9 Live Finale"
Big Brother 8, Dick Donato (R) and his daughter Danielle Donato attend the “Big Brother Season 9 Live Finale” | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Dani was pretty angry about Kaysar’s eviction speech. She revealed whether she regrets calling him disrespectful and tasteless for it.

“When it came to Kaysar – I could be wrong – how I took his speech about a love triangle offended me,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m happily married for almost eight years [to season 13 houseguest Dominic Briones]. Nicole has a fiancé and Cody has been in a really good relationship for five years. When I hear the word ‘love triangle,’ that means some kind of weird thing with a guy and there’s two women who have their man.”

She later said, “I could be wrong and he meant it in a game standpoint. But when I heard that, it triggered me and you don’t get time to think. I walked right in there and I was so offended by that because you do not talk about my man. So if I did get it wrong, I truly do apologize. I think Kaysar is a great guy.”

Cody did eventually make his choice between Nicole and Dani. He decided to cut Dani loose and she’s now in the jury.